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Wow, i haven't been updating my blog last month...oops, I was too busy.

Ok, a little updates on what I did in last August. I bought White Slim Angel Ultra Wide Lens Lomo camera and a few rolls of negative and positive films. Initially I find it weird using film camera because I can't view back after capturing photos. Anyway, that's the best part because just shoot and don't worry the rest.

Here's the first negative roll that I used for practising UWS camera

More pics in my facebook. :) Btw, I used Kodak Ultramax 400 film.

On the 2nd weekend in August, Kelly, Ooi, Bobby and I went to Tg Sepat for seafood and photography. It was fun and enjoyable trip. I like seaside view and of course, the seafood. Here's some pics taken with my lomo camera.

~~~~Tanjung Sepat seaside photos ~~~

All the above photos are taken from Kodak EBX roll.

Next, we proceed to Morib Sepang Gold Coast.

The famous pau shop in Tanjung Sepat

All these photos are taken with Velvia 50 film.

I will post more updates in Aug soon..

Jaina on Saturday, September 05, 2009