Happy Chinese New Year
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

I had wedding dinner for my UTP friends last night. It was a sort of gathering too...Everyone has changed alot but I could still recognise their faces...Huhuhu... I feel like outdated and slow progress in my life, they have bought houses, bought cars, married last year and going to get married this year, further study in Masters or Phd, blah, blah... I'm still stuck as assetless and loneliness... aih...

nvm, move aside those sad things... It's CNY festive season... It's not good to think of sad during this auspicious day.

Currently, I'm adjusting my life towards making handicraft...hehe...introduced by my good friend Kelly . I like making stars and kudusama flowers. I have made 3/4 bottle of stars. I don't have camera with me now so I can't take photo of it...

I'm looking forward to make shinyo ningro bookmark today.. :)

I'm so anxious to start making simple type of bookmarks for my swapping...I'll be swapping things with US people..hehe...happy nya...later i will show what i will swap with other people..

Btw, I'm going to swap Valentine gifts with other swapper...hooray!!! Wonder what I will get ...hehe...

Ok, Have a HAPPY, HAPPY Chinese New Year!!!

Jaina on Sunday, January 25, 2009

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I wished to vent out frustration to my friends but I can't because I worried that I might bored them for petty matters..
So I vent out here.
I would like to help ppl but to a certain extent for not burdening me..

I wanted to say "No" to my colleague but I can't...
If I say No, she might think I'm selfish...
aargh...just that she doesn't want to walk back to office to collect her bag, she requested me to bring her bag to her to LRT station..wat the hell???
does she know that I have to walk to LRT carrying my bag and her bag? Her bag is not just a tiny handbag, it's a knapsack!!! Moreover, it was raining that time...

aih..she is born in a silver spoon family, just snap a finger, people ard her will scurry to her to attend her demand..she is just being pampered by everyone...

I wonder whether should I be angry or should I be upset? Am I selfish just to say No?
I rarely request help if I encounter problem. I'll first try to settle problem myself but if I can't, I will ask for help that it doesn't burden other people...
I just wished everyone for being thoughtful minded and not simple take other people for granted..

If you have any comments on this petty matter, please comment in this blog. I would like to know whether I'm thinking is right or wrong...

Jaina on Tuesday, January 20, 2009

shiori ningyo
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I have made shiori ningyo out from washii paper... Very nice paper, u know... from Japan somemore... My good friend Kelly taught me how to make shiori ningyo.

Pretty or not? Give some comments la...

Jaina on Monday, January 12, 2009

Kudusama flower
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In just 30 mins, I made kudusama flower out from Post It Notes...

Isn't it pretty? I will make it from wrapping paper next time...

This is my first origami in my adult life..haha..Pretty hard initially as I have stopped folding papers ever since ...I don't know when...hehe..

Will make shiori ningyo tonight...stay tune...

Jaina on Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy 2009!
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It's new year again. Happy New 2009 Year!

I am still feeling like living in early months of 2008 and before I realised it year 2009 has arrived. Then, in few weeks time, we will be celebrating CNY. wow, I had long holidays in end of 2008 and will be having CNY holidays on Jan 2009.

Well, 2008 was kind of smooth sailing at the beginning, rough in the middle, and was tidal wave at the end. It was full of ups and downs in 2008.

Early 2008 I was working under a woman whom lack of anger management, which made me upset and depressed. This leads to changing job to a better environment which happens in the middle of year. Anyway, in my new job, I was given opportunity to work on new tasks that I never work on before. Towards the end of the year, it was like emotional downturn in addition to global economy downturn.

anyway, in the last 2008, I grew up to become a more rational person, reducing childish attitude and being more patient and tolerable person. I have read more books than the previous year, though it's less than 5 books, anyway, still yay!!! Despite of that, I am also unable to comprehend unexpected events happened to me.

How about 2009? At my current unsteady state of mind (not yet crazy), eventhough I write hopes and resolutions today, I might change my mind on the resolution on tomorrow or next week, or next few months time. Hence, I may or may not be able to accomplish yearly resolution.

Nevertheless, I will still write 2009 resolutions just for fun.
1. To remain at my current job until I get promotions...
2. Spend thrifty within budgeted expenses.
3. Read more than 5 books.
4. Sleep for 7-8 hours a day.
5. Eat more... This is difficult, because I will get full before anyone finishes their food. Paiseh la...
6. Have savings in my bank account.
7. Learn tarot cards.
8. Get things going without hesitation. But at my own pace to enjoy the journey of making things work.
9. Communicate with more friends.
10. Think positively and be happy with myself. View half glass of water as half full, not half empty.
The resolution looks simple and general..hehe..

Next, wishes for 2009
1. Travelling to a cold climate country
2. M'sian economy bounces back by 2nd quarter of 2009
3. Flawless skin
4. To be able in control of uncharted paths.
5. To fulfil promises that being promised.
6. Hope that dreams come true. Anyway, dreams are just dreams.
7. Get rid of astrologer's prediction from clouding my mind.

P/s : wondered why I inserted so many flowers in this entry. It's one of my dream which is to receive flowers as a gift...ahh...I love flowers so much...

Jaina on Saturday, January 03, 2009