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It's been quite some time that I have neglected this blog. Hehe, I have not decided what should I write on. I was in a confusion state about myself. A drastic situation happened recently has made me unable to have deep night sleep for A WEEK!!! If I get insufficient sleep at night, the next morning I will feel heavy and my mind is not functioning properly, eventually this affects my work performance.

I have always wished for a memorable moment in part of my life. However, somehow, I have to make a choice from 2 options to proceed for the particular moment. Sigh, why should I select? I just need 1 option but why GOD gave me 2 options. 1 is enough lar...

What should I do? I'm really headache about this. Maybe I just leave it aside and see how it goes. I hoped that I won't make mistake again. Btw, I'm still in confusion state.

Jaina on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Family Day At Sunway Lagoon
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My company had organised a Family Day in Sunway Lagoon last 2 weekends ago. It was very enjoyable day and I'm so embarrassed to tell that it was my first time to play extreme games at the wet and dry park.

Although I was quite scared to jump into the tiub and slide downwards about 3 storey high into the pool, I attempt to overcome the feeling. My heart was beating extremely fast when I was sitting on a tiub..hehe..upon reaching at the bottom of pool, the water splashed all over my body from head to toe. WOW, it was thrilling moment... I run back to the queue and wait for my turn to play again..haha...I have tried most of the games and some of it I played twice or thrice since i may visit sunway lagoon once in a blue moon because the ticket is very expensive.

Below are some of moments taken during the day...

At the entrance

A bit dizzy after turning at the same spot

Water splashing time!!!

My team won third prize for the telematch.Each of each get kids...
Note:Notice the chinese guy in my team...Isn't he handsome?

Jaina on Wednesday, September 06, 2006

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Last night, I have been having problems with my MSN messenger at home. I have been trying to sign in many times but it popped up a window states that I have invalid IP. What's wrong with my IP? I'm able to open other web pages but I can't login to MSN. I have tried to online on the ebuddy but results in javaline error. Something is wrong with the network. I felt lost when I'm unable to chat with friends. It's been a few months that I have stopped online chatting at night. Maybe it's due to tiredness of working a new company and tends to sleep earlier at night. Previously this computer has been infected by virus but after being repaired by my bro, I felt this computer is little different.

Anyway, I went back to Ipoh for a long holiday during Merdeka celebration. However, I fell sick during the holiday, so I spent most of my time sleeping at home. I tried to manage to meet a friend and had a meal with him. I felt so guilty that I didn’t meet any of my schoolmates here…I really hoped that I can meet them next time when I go back Ipoh..hehe..hope that they don’t get angry at me. Until now, I still haven’t recovered yet; still coughing from time to time…I made a lot of noise coughing in the office…

Previously, Kelly and Pei Sze had asked me why the relationship hasn’t started yet. It’s due to many reasons between me and him. Both of us have different view on the relationship commitment thingy.
1. The main reason is that no one is confident about long distance relationship. Both of us may not maintain it.
My opinion: Unsolved issue: I can’t leave the job that I have secured here for just 6 months and settle down in Ipoh just to be with him; it’s a very big sacrifice. He can’t stay in KL because he needs to take care of his parents.

2. Both of us have different interest; I like to play around with the computer; eg surf internet, reading news, play pc games, chatting, emails, reading ppl’s blog. However, singing is his passion. He loves to sing and he’s a very good singer. I like to listen to him when he sings during karaoke session. Hehe…
My opinion : I don’t mind his interest as long as he doesn’t destroy his own health or family or career.

3. Both of us come from different family background. I come from kind of typical strict family where studies comes first no matter what happen whether the sun or the moon has fallen on the earth, no sexy clothes, no late night outing, no tv during exam time, so to say I have been disciplined during my teenage years. Until now, my parents are still controlling me but I just ignore them.
Whereas, he’s from the relaxing family. He can do anything whatever he wants. Maybe guys have more freedom than gals. His parents don’t expect much from him.
My opinion: I don’t mind. Past is past, I don’t care about family background.

4. Since I have education a level more than him, I could guess that I’m earning more than him.
My opinion: It’s true that many guys feel intimidated when girls earned more than him. I don’t mind whether guys earned more than me or less than me. I always tried to divert his questions about my salary to another topic.hehe…However, I just don’t know how to comfort him about this issue.

There are other minor issues lor. Nevertheless, whenever we chat on the phone, it will normally take more than 45minutes. In addition to that, he’s quite enthusiastic to meet me whenever I go back Ipoh. He would ask for movie or a meal together. However, we have never discussed in depth about the issues stated above, I just could guess it from his conversation with me and some information about him was given by my other friends. I just don't have time to ask him during my recent trip to Ipoh. Damn to the flu bugging me. That’s why we are not ready for commitment into relationship. Maybe given more time we could evaluate more whether we are suitable for each other.

Jaina on Tuesday, September 05, 2006