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Wow, I had the most satisfying sense of fully spending time on my last weekend and Sunday at home.
I felt most of my weekends were wasting time on sleeping, going out shopping complex, then eat and sleep again. I felt so tired of that activities.

Yesterday early morning, I saw newspapers advertised Guardian having a day of giving 50% discount sale on certain product range. I was contemplating whether should I buy some unneccessary toiletries (eg. mouth rinse, lotions, etc) as I still have unfinished bottles at home. Since my aunty has ordered to go morning market to buy tauhu and chillies, I might as well stopped over Guardian to check out what's good offer over there. (FYI, there's Guardian shop in my taman.)

Surprisingly, I walked out of Guardian with 2 heavy plastic bags... I bought Oral B mouth rinse, Maybelline eye shadows and nail polish, lotion, and many other grooming products. OMG, I didn't realised that I bought so many things until I reached home.

Then, DVD movie marathon... I watched 2 DVDs continously in one afternoon. wah haha...It's an achievement!!! Usually I will feel tired after watching a movie.

Evening, it's time to wash car...Luckily, the sunny weather permits me to wash my car. It has been raining for every evening before this. . Wash and scrub until the paint shining until my mirror image appear on the car.. :) haha...

Remember that I bought tauhu and chillies from market...It's the ingredient for 'yong tau fu'...yay, we are making home made yong tau fu for dinner!!! I enjoyed inserting fish paste to slitted tauhu, chillies, fu cheok and brinjals. THen, aunty's turn to fried them up and make gravy for the dish..Yummy, it's even tastier than Ampang yong tau fu...

After having a feast at night, then we sit comfortably on sofa and watch tv until I felt sleepy and call it day... Yay, I never had such a fulfilling sunday whereby I can read in between those interesting activities...

Btw, most probably I will paint my new bought nail polish tonite...hehe...

Jaina on Monday, July 30, 2007

The Super Trio Show
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I occasionally watch TVB's ever hilarious The Super Trio Show on tv since it started showing in Malaysia for many years. The Chinese title of the show is 獎門人系列 hosted by Eric Tsang, Lam Hiu Foong and Chin Ka Lok.

All the while I know the three hosts of the show are "cheung moon yan" in Cantonese. If I literally translate into English, it means "door guard personnel". U see, I'm banana so I always thought that the 3 jokers are door guard personnels whom always make fun of TVB HK artists while playing games...

One fine day, I decided to ask my aunty what door are they guarding for? I was so surprised that answer is PRIZE MASTER??? What??? It's totally different meaning from the cantonese phrase. hehe...

However, this HK games show has come to end after 10 years production in TVB. :( Kind of sad. It used to be my entertainment show back during school days although I don't religiously watching all the episodes. The 3 jokers would wear bizzarre costumes during the show and the games are fun and the penalty for losers are abit wild. The winners will win loads of prizes. :)

The game that I like most is the pingpong in which each player must say a relevant item to a topic while serving the pingpong ball. It was fun and hilarous... :) Hehe...

Jaina on Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Frozen durian
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Yippie!!! It's the durian season now... Durian stalls can be sighted at the roadside nowadays. No one can escape from eating durian alone in the house as the smell of ripe durian can be sniffed even from 2 doors away...

My aunty bought lots of durian last weekend, and we couldn't finish all of them. Hence, some durian are being packed into the fridge and some durians are packed into the FREEZER!!! ahh...my aunty keeping it for longer period for what???

Last night, I was craving for durians so I searched for durian tupperware in the fridge. To my dismay, the durian tupperware has been cleaned and dried in the kitchen...I guess my grandmother has ate the whole of tupperware of durians for last few days ago. Ok, nevermind. I dig another durian tupperware from the FREEZER. I took a piece of frozen durian and I ate it. It's very cold and amazingly, it tastes heavenly. Taste like durian ice cream...hehe...yummy...Taste alot better than eating it at room temperature...hehe....

Hooray...I have found a great way to enjoy durians...Next time I will indulge eating frozen durians...

Jaina on Friday, July 20, 2007

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What to do? What to do? Staring at computer monitor.

Feeling very cold and sleepy in the office. Just finished my work.

Thinking of how close am I with friends. Frankly typing, I don't have the bestest friend that I can pour all my feelings to her/him. In other words, I'm terrible at keeping relationship works. There are few factors eg; timing, location, convenient, etc

After working, I m so eager to go home and have rest. Weekends, I love to stay at home and read books and watch DVD. See, I seldom meet up with friends. No, I am trying to imply that I would love to meet friends if I'm invited and the timing is right.

I know some friends who don't bother to keep in touch after I left uni or company. Even when I initiate the dialogue, the other end seem to say, "oo, yes, no, yes, ok ler". Nvm, it's ok...so I don't bother them. So I guess I have nothing good for them...chiao...

However, I still treasure golden friendship with RPS classmates. They are the bestest friends that I ever had. I just typed bestest again...Any arguement or misunderstanding in school will eventually forgotten the next day...That's amazing...As I grow older, the new friends that I met are sensitive, selfish, snob although there are good characters about them. Funny hor...Things tend to get more tensed over just a small matter.

Time to go back...Yay!!! faster chiao... Anyway, have a nice day!!!

Jaina on Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reluctant to change is the most difficult hurdle to overcome
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Indulging a cup of hot coffee in a quiet office. The more I sip coffee, the more I feel sleepy and dizzy. Duh, why I encounter the opposite effect? The caffeine from coffee should perk me up from sleepyness.

"Reluctant to change is the most difficult hurdle to overcome" quoted by an article from The Star. One prime example is the attitude. The minor traffic jam occurs during peak hours near my office caused by faulty traffic lights. The traffic lights have been faulty for many weeks and no relevant authority immediately initiate the repair the traffic lights. WHY "tidak apa" attitude by RWD? "Don't worry, it's not a major problem." is the usual response after gathering complaints by the public. The usual reply when I complain to my friends, "Is like that wan.Normal la" Huh???

The attitude of reluctant to change usually occurs to the leader of large organisation or the leader of large family. Leaders of such enormous organisation usually can't accept criticism by individuals or outsiders. By gathering opinions or ideas from outsiders will eventually improve organisation. Take an example, of a father of large Chinese family whom is the bread winner of the family. Children only listen to their father egoistic orders without voicing their opinions. The most common culture is that children have to respect the elderly because the elder ate more salt than the young ones ate rice (meaning the elderly have more wisdom than the young ones).

Another prominent case when I go for shopping in a giant departmental apparel and shoes stores. Whenever I selected an apparel which has barcode on the price tag that I wished to purchase, I had to ask the sales girl/boy whether they require to fill up a tiny sheet of invoice/PO/whatever with carbon copy to hand it together to cashier. This practice has been operating since when I was a toddler until now. The emergence of barcode and POS system helps business to work efficiently and conveniently and in such way, improves the business structure as well. Why the need of old practise of filling up the tiny sheet before scanning the barcode for payment? In the current era of high speed broadband and large network servers, the manual sales recording sheets should be eliminated long time ago.

Change for a betterment normally takes some time to accept. It is an overhelming emotion to realise the need of turning over a new leaf.

Jaina on Friday, July 13, 2007

Gathering with Looloo
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Had met up with Loo loo, Lee Voon, Lai Ching, Hsiao Feon and Loo's friends last Monday in Midvalley.

I was late for the dinner again... It's because of my boss whom brought me to site, made me sweat walking in the plant before that... Duh, I can't meet up with them with sweaty smell, so I quickly rush back home to have a shower before going for dinner.

Glad meeting up with my ex-classmates and had a good chat with them... Had fun laughing at jokes too...Immediately I feel comfortable with them... hehe...

Didn't bring camera that time so can't post any photos here..

Jaina on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

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Watched Transformers last weekend.

My verdict : Awesome!!!

Go watch it everyone... Worth to watch it in cinema... Or wait for pirated ones....

I like Bumblebee the most... Add lubricant (Jia you) to bumblebee!!!

Sorry for short and straightforward post, because I'm busy... :(

Jaina on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Thanks for the birthday wish
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I better blog now before my boss come and give me work...hehe...

I take this opportunity to thank all the birthday wishes to me... Really appreciate it.

I'm touched that many friends remembered and wished me birthday greeting through sms, e-mails, MSN, calls, friendster this year...I'm REALLY very surprised of receiving birthday wishes from friends because I'm not the popular and hot type of friend and I'm a quiet person. Even bf (now ex la) also don't remember my birthday...It's queer, hor?

For the past years, I only received less than 5 birthday greetings only from close friends...Not even a call from friend. From there, I always regard myself that I'm just a friend that no one remembers me and no one bothers about me...However, this year, I am very surprised there are 2 calls from friends whom I don't meet them everyday and I don't expect them to remember my birthday...

Anyway, that's what I'm feeling...It's my blog, so it's my right to put my thoughts in... :)

Thanks for the birthday wishes from friends... :)

Btw, just for curiosity friends, I celebrate birthday with my aunty and granny in KL. I had tried the new cheesy pizza "pick it,pull it, dip it" from Pizza Hut. Extremely cheesy especialy the BBQ cheese sauce.

Before that, I have celebrated with my family in Ipoh..hehe...makan-makan...

Jaina on Wednesday, July 04, 2007