'Questions Of The Day'
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After seeing Kelly answering about 'Questions Of The Day' questions in All About Me in Facebook while I was in the office, I felt wanna join in and play this quiz as well. Since publishing in facebook is too public, I guess I better blog. It's fun answering quizes especially about myself.

Allright, let me answer the questions below.

The Basics
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Shy or Outgoing?: Extremely freaking shy

My Favorites
Favorite Website: Hotmail, facebook, etsy, blogs, any websites that amuse me.
Favorite Music Genre: country, pop, pop-rock, rock, no specific genre actually. I will like those songs that is nice to listen.

This or That
Freak or Normal: normal
Super Speed, Super Strength or Time Control: Super Speed as I tend to be slow
Rock, Paper or Scissors?: Akk? I don't like this game. I prefer card games, board games and PC games.
Bubble Gum or Hard Candy?: Rarely eat candy or bubble gum

Do You?
Do you live in a home, apartment, duples or mobile home : Home
Do you believe In yourself: I trust my own instinct which seldom fails me.
Do you save your money or spend it when you get your hands on it: I usually allocate part of my saving first before I spend the rest.

Have You Ever
Had Your Heart Broken: Yes
Taken Drugs: Nope unless I'm sick.
Almost Died: On a terror flying carpet ride in Sunway Lagoon. I was hanging upside down at the top of the carriage for few seconds. My heart stopped during that few seconds. Thank God that I came out alive.

Who is your bestfriend?: They know who they are.
If you could go back in time what would you change anything?: Past is past. Nothing that I can change. Life must move on.

The one person you can trust with any thing: My brother. I am blessed that I have wonderful brother.
Your current feeling: Chilling and unsure
What are your bad habits: Bad posture, quiet, timid, read while lying down

First band that you liked?: Savage Garden
First airplane ride: aussie airline
First vacation: KL was my fav when I was little girl.
First drink?: Red wine or white wine? Forgotten..

As of Now
Last Person you text?: One of my best friends
The funniest thing you did today: Laughing out load while reading 50 mails from my friends in office. They feally made my day after my long meeting.
How many best friends: 5
Who do you want to marry?: Prince William
Do u wish on shooting stars: I have never seen shooting stars before. If yes, I definitely will wish.

Jaina on Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Analogy with weather and life
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Every morning, while standing in a packed LRT to work, I always gaze outside the window and view the densely high rise buildings in KL from far. That is the time that my mind would be wandering around with full of imagination or nonsense dream. Sometimes when I am too tired, I will catch a wink though I m just standing while holding on hand rails.

This morning while on the way to work on LRT, I was quite disappointed with our gloomy sky. I pondered about our polluted air and our worsen weather and created an analogy with our life.

When it's hot and sunny weather, we complained why so hot and hoped when the rain drops.

When it's rainy weather, we complained why so wet and hoped when the sun will shine again.

When it's neither sunny nor rainy weather, it's haze and we complained why haze and hoped that rain will clear the sky.

When it rained during hazy day, it's still hazy and stuffy. Isn't it ironic?

Same goes to us, we will never satisfied with what we have and what we wished in our life. We wished and dreamed for perfect life but that will never happen. Life will never be smooth journey or else that will be a dull and a boring journey. Hence, we should cherish what we have and make full use of our strength to overcome our weakness.

There goes with a quote "It takes both rain and shine to make a perfect rainbow."
By celebrating the joys and enduring the heartaches that we encounter throughout our life, the more wisdom we will gained and the more we are able to accept challenges confidently in life.

Btw, I would be telling lies if I said I'm satisfied with my life or I lead a perfect life. For the past years, I used to complained for many petty things and had dreams and wishes that I have been chasing. However, after going through many challenges, I realised that it wasn't goals or dreams that satisfied me. It's about the lessons that I have learnt from the process of pursuing the dreams or goals. Frankly, I didn't achieve most of my dreams which I guess that my dream doesn't suits me and I myself have limitation or just run out of luck. Anyway, I have stopped complaining of minor things that bothers me and accept with an open heart. I just live my life to the fullest with realistic dreams. And I will never stop dreaming. :)

Coming back to our changed weather.
Global warming had started to occur and it had occured quite long time ago. I hated haze very much as my nose is very sensitive to smoke and I will be dizzy after inhaling polluted air. It is very stuffy as well. I hoped that everyone in this world should be responsible to reduce carbon dioxide emission to save our environment. There goes with the Kyoto protocol.

Haha, I'm blogging about philsophily and serious issue this time. I can't remember when was the last that I blogged about serious issues. Last year, I think? Hmm, let me get some inspiration while going to work in LRT, then I will blog about it, heh?

Jaina on Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Postcards from all over the world
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While I was spring cleaning my collectible box this afternoon, I was amazed that I have a good collection of postcards from many countries be it from Holland, China, Taiwan, USA, Germany, Russia, Belarus, France, Thailand, South Korea and so on. These postcards are from Postcrossing and SwapBot which I signed up few months ago.

My favourite postcards are :

1. Athens

The Beautiful Pantheon : One of the places that I wished to visit one day.

2. Taiwan

Definitely, I like today, I like everyday..haha..This postcard is so cute from a student
in Taiwan. Best of all, she thought that I'm Chinese educated and it was written in Chinese. oh gosh, I asked my aunt to translate for me so that I could reply to her.

3. USA

Adorable cats. :)
ThisI guess the sender has read my profile and hence, she has sent me a cat postcard.

4. Germany

This postcard amazed me. From this postcard, I have learnt that this wall/gate separates West Germany and East Germany.

5. Holland

I find that most postcards from Holland are insanely beautiful and colourful. This postcard has very good colour combination though it's just simple photos depicts of Holland culture.

6. England Cambridge. Whenever I heard of Cambridge, I will imagine that it's one of the prestigous university with a large field with students reading under trees. However, this postcard shows people punting at the bridge by Queens college. Then only I learnt that Cambridge has a river.

Erm, this postcard shouldn't be in my lfavourite list but I still add in

Yokohama, Japan!!!

This postcard is the one I sent for myself when I was there. I recalled that I sneaked out from a meeting just to go postoffice and send postcards to my friends and myself. haha...I miss Japan so much that I wished that I pay a visit again as holiday. The next places that I wanna visit are Kyoto, Osaka and Hokkaido which has better scenery and shrines.

Domo arigato~~~Dewa kore de. :P

Jaina on Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hooray for June and July
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Waaa..It has been a month that I haven't blog. This shows that I was extremely busy with lots of events happened in June and early July. :)

In early June, I discovered that my Etsy sales wasn't as good as I hoped so. Hence, I have spent most of my free time focusing on creating more crafts such as felt cakes and different design of origami earrings. These items are available in Etsy now and I am still adding more soon. There are not many items listed because on some days I procastinated because I was too tired after working on week days.

Apart from that, I love folding ningyo (Japanese dolls) from washi yuzen. Washi yuzen is Japanese rice paper and it is very beautiful to look at. Some washi are too beautiful to cut be into pieces for folding which I loved them so much until I kept it in a separate box. I have folded two ningyos as a birthday card for Kelly which we had celebrated in mid June and a ningyo for my crafty friend in office. And they were impressed with my ningyos. hehe... I realised that when people like my crafts, I will feel extremely happy too. I guess I made it with my heart.

I even sold a few ningyos on bookmarks, 4R size postcards and greeting cards at Kiirey's stall in Pipit Wonderful Market #2. I really appreciate that Kelly and Debbie gave me some space to sell ningyos. To my surprise, our first sale on the day goes to ningyo bookmarks which were bought by Sheera. Wow..I was so happy then.. :)

Here are a few photos of Pipit Wonderful Market #2. I have posted quite a number of photos in my Facebook.

My two close friends, Debbie and Kelly. They are the one who run Kiirey online craft shop.

Our beautiful Kiirey's stall

Noticed that we were wearing a crown on our head. Hehe..I guess my photo background was too dark.

It was fun and enjoyable. I met lots of new craft friends whom I only communicate through Facebook before this pipit market. Never had I know that they are very friendly too. I was so glad when customers or photographers admired our craft work at our stall and took our photos. oo..I can't wait for the #3 Pipit Wonderful Market..

Next, my birthday celebration was singing K cum with buffet dinner. I am very grateful that my buddies Kelly and Debbie organised this celebration for me. :) However, I felt happy and sad at the same time on that day. How ironic..I took leave not for celebrating my birthday but spent my time at hospital with grandfather from morning until afternoon seeing him in agony. Anyway, I still enjoyed myself singing K at night with my friends.

Cutting cake time. ;)

Singing while waiting for the rest.

Nai Nai came early..wahh..can't wait for singing leh..

Our group photo. :)

I wanna blog about Klue's Urbanscape. I think I better put aside that thought since I have posted a few photos about Urbanscape in Facebook already.

Jaina on Friday, July 10, 2009