Butterfly Earrings
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I have been procastinating of making a pair of earrings for my friend as her birthday gift. Seems that she has seen most of my crafts are from paper work, hence I ponder that I should try something new.
How about earrings that are made from Swarovski Crystals? I like Swarovski Crystals because it's very glitters under light and it's very attractive to wearer.

Few weeks ago, I read about tutorial of Butterfly Earrings from Beading blog and would like to try making it.

And here's earrings that I made

The only difference between both earrings are just colours..haha..

THe fuschia butterfly earrings would be for HER and I just keep the black pair for myself.

woohoo, I'm going to send out to her..paiseh nyer, her birthday is already past 3 weeks..anyway, I already promised her that I will send her sth..keke...

Jaina on Sunday, August 02, 2009