blind date
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Yay!!! Finally I have activated Streamyx at home. I just registered for the broadband during the last PC Fair in KLCC. Yippie, I have faster connection and what's more it's unlimited usage.

Just last 2 weeks ago, I have made the most embarrassing mistake of the year.
In my project, I have to deal with alot of suppliers for procurement of equipments for the new chemical plant. I usually make calls to clarify some technical queries and bargain price before I purchase the equipments.

For a particular equipment, I bargain for the best price that the supplier could provide so that I can make purchase for him.
While I was driving home after work, this supplier sms me whether I can talk to him. Obviously I don't know what he wants to talk and I hate entertaining supplier after work so I replied that we will talk the next day. So, the next day, as usual I called him again for the best offer that he could give but he still ask whether we can talk... I was thinking, "what to talk about?" '_' Then, he asked me where am I staying. I was like, "HUH???" He got shy and he called me again late evening.

He told me that he like my voice which is very nice and soft and shows that I'm a polite and soft person. He also said that he liked my laughter. I felt so happy to hear that compliment...but wait.... may be he is a "ma lat lou". He is the owner of company and I guessed that he is around 50-60 years old. He kept on telling me that he is the son of the company owner and he is in early thirties. ok, fine...i just listen and don't really believe all the things he told me about himself.

After that call, he made several calls to me for chat. Most of the time, he pestered me to meet him up somewhere. I was contemplating to meet him up because I haven't known him well enough and it's dangerous to meet up with a stranger. I thought of meeting up at crowded area such as SS2 would be fine.

Hence, we agreed on meeting up at SS2. That's where disaster start to happen. Since he arrived earlier than me so he told me to meet up in front of Secret Recipe. Once I arrived at secret recipe, I didn't see anyone standing there...I thought of maybe there are 2 secret recipe in SS2. Nvm, I just call him and he told he is inside the restaurant...I look around the restaurant and I don't see anyone talking on the phone...Immediately, I felt something is wrong. My heart grew anxious and panic. He instructed to me turn around....ahhhh...he was actually standing 2 shops next to secret recipe. I then realised that he was actually observing me...

I was so shocked to see him. He is well dressed, perfumed but he looked old, around late thirties. And I was wearing t-shirt and jeans. Oh god, why I didn't wear better looking clothes? As usual, I wasn't comfortable meeting up with unknown man and I didn't talk much. He didn't talk much too comparing to our phone conversation. His skin is very smooth and his hair is all gel up...From that moment, I could feel a big gap that he is from super rich family and I'm just ordinary person.

While I was having my meal, he kept on sms-ing his friends. I felt tulan at that time because he didn't respect me. He asked me whether I am 24 years old...hmm.. I still look like young girl...However, he still telling me that he is in early thirties...Nah, he looked older man, almost 40 years old...Right after finishing my meal, he immediately asked for bill... Wah, as if he is shoo-ing me away as soon as possible. I still haven't finish my drink yet. What lar.... Then, he asks me another question that why I didn't put on make up with lashes... I was thinking, HUH!!! In my heart, yeah, this is blind date, so why should I put on make up... Then, I thought of , oh yeah, I have stopped using my mascara few months ago... From that moment, I realised that I have neglected taking care of my face quite a long time.

Anyway, when we were leaving, he is nice enough to walk me to my car. He walked back to his car...and to my surprise, he is driving a benz... oh great...if he is few years younger, he is the perfect man to any woman.

I really feel very embarrassed of this blind date. I felt that I'm being rejected away immediately from the way he started sms-ing his friends. I guess that he will not be contacting me anymore. I should not be tempted to meet up with any strangers before really getting know that person. Anyway, it was actually an interesting and disaster blind date..hehe... But I will never go for blind date anymore.

Jaina on Friday, April 25, 2008

CC's wedding
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Went to CC's wedding dinner on 30th March, 2008 in KL. As in Pui Sum's blog, she covered photos of CC's wedding in Ipoh. Read her coverage for the wedding in iPoh, My Secret garden. As I'm currently staying in KL, my as well attend her wedding in KL but look like Ipoh's wedding in kind of more fun than KL after I read her blog. It was great to meet up and catch up with UTP friends though I haven't seen them since graduating from UTP four years ago.

Our group photo


UTP guys (Kwan Seng, Seng Teong, Jing Ren)

Ee Wah and Shawn

Ee wah on candid

Kwan Seng and his gf..
I'm glad meeting up with them and we were the noisiest table among all. Although we haven't met each other for 4 years and yet we still chat and laugh just like the time we spent in UTP. Sort of recalling and reminicing the happy and sad memories in UTP.
Anyway, I wished CC's and her husband all the best and living happily ever after...

Jaina on Monday, April 07, 2008