Merry X'mas 2008 Home Alone
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This year Christmas I'm spending it alone at home. This is due that I come from typical Chinese family that doesn't celebrate Christmas.

I always wished whether I could gate crash into churches during Christmas just to know how do the Christians celebrate this holy day. Do they have huge prayer mass? Do they have a massive get-together party in the church?
Or is it celebrated at family scale just like Chinese New Year? Why does family exchange gift with each other?
I apologise for being ignorant of Christianity religion as I have never been exposed Christianity.

Jaina on Saturday, December 27, 2008

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Today is one of the day to remember because of :

1. I rubbed my nose while talking to my team leader. My nose was too itchy that I can't ignore it. This is so embarrasing incident.

2. My team's project worth few millions got cancelled. I end up stopped working on one of studies. Hence, that's why I'm blogging from my office at this hour.

3. As consequence of point no.2, I took 3 days AL from Christmas until New Year. Yippie, this is the first time I had long year end holiday.

4. I have started thinking what to do during the long holidays. Any suggestions?

5. I'm gonna steal a copy of newspaper from the office after work..wah haha...since nobody gonna read it anyway after work..

6. Kiwi and wall-e has grown into giants...They look like teddy bears now..

Jaina on Monday, December 22, 2008

Be a confident woman
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I'm thinking that I'm still behaving immature as a 27 year old girl. Or should I call myself as a lady/woman?

Year 2008 is going to end soon... I will be 28 year old soon...AHH!!!!

I'm still behaving like a young and innocent girl...Blurry mind.... with unknown future, be it my career, my love life, my relationship with my family, my friends. Do you measure life with common matters such as by 30, you should have a house, a car, a husband, a family and so on?

Nobody believe that I have 4 years working experience. I still loook like fresh grad...

I wonder how do I change myself to a mature girl---> lady...

I guess my low confidence that made me can't be firm with my own stand. See I'm still guessing (refer to my previous sentence)..I don't usually speak up and keep my opinion to myself...My low confidence shows on my body language...the way I talk, the way I walk, the way I sit, the way I rub my nose, etc...

I have created my list for 2009 achievement. I would be happy if I achieved just 50% of every item in the list..

1. Walk with chest up, neck straight and shoulder down

2. Speak firmly with no ers, erm, hah, etc (this shows that I'm not confident)... and don't giggle like a little girl..

3. Don't ever rub my nose...I have a habit of rubbing nose.

4. Don't scratch my head or neck..I have this habit too.

5. Don't laugh too much but don't frown..

Jaina on Friday, December 05, 2008