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Yay!!! My company has granted us a replacement holiday for our king's birthday which falls on this Saturday. Since it's an extra holiday, I have planned out what to do on Friday.

My schedule for tomorrow (Friday) is
Morning : Wash clothes
Midday : Go for facial
Afternoon : Shopping
Evening : Back home
Night : Crafting and surf internet

Isn't it a typical girl's schedule? :)

My parents are coming on this Saturday and we will be going for my cousin's twin babies full month dinner. :)

I just started reading Time Traveller's Wife. It's a romance novel. Initially, I find it abit confusing with the timeline and it seems that i'm reading a diary between Henry and Clara. Kind of flat and boring story. Hmm, I will comment again after I read the whole book.

Jaina on Thursday, June 04, 2009