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Wah, it has been long time that I haven't update my blog. With increasing workload, my free time in the office gets lesser for me to update blog often.

One 'hit' thing nowadays that got me hooked up with the Internet is the Facebook. It's something like Friendster but it has more application with it. You can write message on your friends walls, slap, pinch, hug your friend, answer quizess and you can even keep a virtual pet. For the pet application, it reminds me of my Neopets where you can play and feed your pet and you can gain points for supplying food for your pets. I just love spending more time on exploring Facebook. Friendster is too outdated and boring ler and some ppl are fake ones whom simply add friends...

I wondered anyone of you have Facebook account.. Let me know so that I can add you into my Friends list.


Speaking of fake friends from friendster,
I received a 'friendship' email from a desperado with a title of 'how are you'. Duh...
let's see how the email goes..


I am a simple, down to
earth, pleasant, cheerful, homely and
Chinese guy.
like to travel and see new things.
I like sports such as badminton, gym and
swimming as well.
Staying in Malaysia, I work in the auto industry.
Looking for sincere friendship and future life partner. Someone who can
talk intellectually.
If you like to travel, we can share our travel
There are more about me, if you want to get to know me better,
to write to me!


The way this guy describe about himself is just too desperate looking for future life partner. He described himself as homely person. However in the next line, he wrote he likes to travel and likes to see new things. Isn't this contradicts to himself? Cheater, cheater, cheater...

I don't know about other opinion about looking future life partner. In my opinion, my future life partner wouldn't be someone whom I just know for a year or 2 years and then get married. Two years is just too short to get to know a person well. The mindset of the partner might change in 4-5 years time. I just feel that I can't fully 100% trust someone. In fact, I will not give everything about my whole life around the partner. I believed that a girl can be as independent as a guy. However, being loved by someone is a God's gift. It's just depend on fate. If fated being happy with your partner, then it's a blessing. If not, just let him go. It's not worth it being unhappy with useless partner.

Got to get back to my work now. lalalalalala....

Jaina on Thursday, October 25, 2007

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Today, on the way to work, the journey was smooth sailing. There were fewer vehicles on the road and driving was such a breeze. Surprisingly, I was leisurely driving along the road without cursing other drivers and even reach office earlier. Although my mind was planning the work to be completed today, I could already feel the joy of the festive holiday coming tomorrow.

Reaching office, I could see many empty seats. My colleagues took leave and went for holiday. This scenario makes me feeling more holiday mood. Now, I don't feel like working. I am wondering what to do at home during holiday. I probably won't be making journey back to Ipoh because of massive traffic jam on highway. As I heard from the radio traffic announceer, there were quite a number of accidents happen on NS highway which causes traffic jam since last night. Hence, most probably I won't be going back home.

Enough of day dreaming now. Better get back to work.

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa to those who celebrate...Anyway, it's just a holiday to everyone...

Jaina on Friday, October 12, 2007

Same dress...
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I was totally stunned!!!

while I was walking towards to coffee shop with colleagues, my eyes freezed for a second at the entrance of the shop.

A lady was leaving the shop and she is wearing the exactly the same dress that I have. My mind was running like , 'oh no, my dress is worn by other people too'. 'oo, I made the right choice that the dress is also bought by other people?'. ' Was the dress is common in the fashion now?'

aah... it just a small matter. I usually choose clothes that is comfortable and I look pretty with it. :)

Jaina on Thursday, October 11, 2007

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Let's review what I did for the past week.

1.Be open to criticism and arguement.
Yup, I did. But I give some ideas to my superior. However, she still insist her idea is better. Ok, I accept her idea.

2. Listen to advices but filter stupid ideas.
Hehe, I achieved doing that.

3. Learn to be calm and steady.
Erm, not really calm. Still react to the extreme point.

4. Don't let the past spoil my current mood.
The past still haunts me. Now I become very cautious for not repeating mistakes and think deeply before I make fast decision.

5. Always smile.
Hopefully I can cheer people up. Or I cheer myself up.

6. Be patience.
Nope. I have been pushing my boss to look into my work..haha...

Jaina on Friday, October 05, 2007

Essential points
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Essential points to take note for myself during working :-

1. Be open to criticism and arguement.

2. Listen to advices but filter stupid ideas.

3. Learn to be calm and steady.

4. Don't let the past spoil my current mood.

5. Always smile.

6. Be patience.

Ok. Done...Let's evaluate whether I have achieve all the points by end of this week.

Jaina on Monday, October 01, 2007