Purina One Grand Finale..Boyboy..
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It's been tiring weekend for me... My little boyboy has been staying overnight at my house for few days, so it takes some time for him to adapt new environment.

Brought him out for grooming on Saturday...He smells so good after grooming...

Erm, I haven't charge camera batteries quite a long time so the photo turn out very blur.

I quickly charge batteries at night...

On Grand Finale at Central Park

It's so sunny in the morning, everyone was sweating and the dogs were uneasy at the time.

Before going up the stage, we and other contestants sat at canopy provided...

Gave him some water and wiped his mouth...haha...

Boyboy's new friend.. :) Both of them sniff each other when they meet... kekeke..

Prize presentation for My.FM contestants on stage with their furry friends..

Jack Russell(the dog's name) won the Grand Prize for My.FM group... The blonde hair is DJ Lam Tak Wing..Aih..He looks weird with the new hairstyle..

Me and Boyboy on stage for Mix.FM group prize presentation.

ooo..the Lion King...hehe..It's very big dog and his fur is so fluffy...

Receiving prize from Mix.FM DJ's Pietro and Serena C.

:) Boyboy sniffing his new friend.. Haha..

Suki(the dog's name) won Grand Prize for Mix.FM group.

Boyboy does catwalk on stage.. :)

It was play time after the prize giving ceremony was over. . :)

I didn't get enough sleep these few days because Boyboy barks early morning 5.30am every day..He barked at wrong time, he should bark at 7.00 am to wake me.. What a boy... Anyway, he's quite smart dog to me although he's not as smart as other breed. He can interact with me by giving me hints on his demand on going outside the house...Little boy...Baby boy...he's no longer baby because he's quite old already, about 5-6 yrs old liao..

Jaina on Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Final call..Vote for boyboy la...
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wei, people... Final call, final call... Please vote for my doggie la... Begging all of you.

The Purina One Performance Challenge going to an end by this Saturday, 26th May. I'll attend the finale ground event with my little Boyboy at Central Park, Bandar Utama this Sunday, 27th May, 10.00am. Anyone who is dog lover or non-dog lover, please come and join us with your furry little best friend.

Please vote for my doggie ler..He just barely earn 1 star now... Please vote at Purina One BoyBoy. You just need to register your name to become a member before you vote. Ok??? Thanks for all your kind support.

I need to find a good pet groomer in KL on this Saturday so that my little baby boy will appear better at the big event. His fur in a mess now, haiyo...and his legs are dirty because he often walks outside (he's curious and likes to '8') and he likes to lick everything he sees.. Grooming a dog in KL is kind of expensive compared to Ipoh. KL price is about RM60-120.. Ipoh price is just only RM50..What to do, he has alot of fur and he's messy and the big event is held in KL...Or else I buy combs and groom him by myself.

I guess that I'll be very busy this weekend...Remember to vote, people... And come and join us this Sunday, if you want. :) I'll be glad, anyway. Btw, the Mix.FM and Myfm DJ's Serena C, Pietro and Lam Tak Wing will joining us there too... Yippie!!! This is the first time I meet celebrity.. hehe...

Last reminder : Please vote for my doggie... :)

Btw, an update from American Idol 2007, Jordin Sparks wins...Hooray!!! She has such an amazing voice, man. I have been eyeing her as I have intuition that she will win the competition. And she won...Anyway, Blake is good song computerised mixer, I meant that his voice beatbox song incorporation is entertaining too.

Yay!!! I have 11days left... Counting down days... I hate my boss so much that he is still giving me stupid tasks to me now. What I did was, I pass the task to my new colleague and teach her...In the end, my project becomes her project. I don't care what my boss think of me now. It's not that I'm lazy to work, it's just that new colleague will take over my job soon, so instead of I teach her theory, it's better to have on-the-job training, so that she can grasp the knowledge and experience faster.

I have alot of complaints of my boss but I always keep this to myself. Dared not voice out my opinions to my colleagues or GM as they might spread it back to my boss. aih...He has too many lousy personality. Luckily I have very patient enough to work for a year with him. Or else I would have landed to another better opportunity in just few months. I really cannot stand him anymore. I don't wanna talk about him anymore, the more I think of him, the more suffering I have. Better think of my doggie. Keeping a pet can raise owner's mood. I really believe so. Pets can make our bad day becomes a bright day.

Back to my little doggie, I'm anticipating for the event.. Please vote for my doggie ar...

Jaina on Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weight obsession
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I have a friend who is a girl and she is very obsessed about her body. She is just as thin as me and a little shorter than me. Each time I meet her, she will tell me that she has gotten fatter or thinner by "-- kgs". She pula comment about my body figure that I am thin also. Every time without fail, she will tell me that she is fat. She will squeeze at her arms flesh and tell me that's it's flabby, her legs are fat and her stomach contains fat also. What I see is that her body, arm, legs are fine and are thin as mine.

I have been telling her a thousand times that she is not fat, just slim, nice to see. There are many girls are fatter than her...Aih, she is so stubborn for not listening to my honest comments. She will only have a meal a day sometimes. The most is 2 meals a day. ..Oh my god. I have advised her to have 3 main meals a day, that's all and don't ever skip breakfast. Having a balanced meal is considered good enough for a healthy person. I understand some people has low metabolism so if they eat more today, they will weigh more tomorrow.

Frankly, I have never been monitoring my weight for a long time. The last time I weigh was 6 months ago, I guess. My BMI is considered as underweight which is unhealthy for doctor's point of view. Hence, I have weight problem too. Even my friends ask me once whether I'm on diet programme. *___*

Yeah, I still can wear clothes that I have bought 5 years ago. Most probably my weight is constant. I have high metabolism rate so the amount I input will be the same amount that I output. Nevertheless, I have gained weight since I started working. About 3-4kg increase...Yay, it's an achievement!!! It's actually due to I walk less now compared when I studied in uni. In uni, I walk alot in campus, to lecture room, to cafeteria, to library, basically everywhere in the campus. Every Friday I walked almost 2km from my hostel to bus stop outside the uni just take a bus to Ipoh in the afternoon. Amazing that I did that when I thought about it now. My umbrella was the most important companion in my bag besides my mineral water tumbler.

Back to my friend's case, I really don't know how to convince her that she is not fat. Aih...just imagine that she is as thin as me and a little shorter than me... Is she categorised as fat? She ever drink diet tea sold in pharmacy. aih, I am really pening listening to her endless complains...

Jaina on Wednesday, May 23, 2007

13 days left
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Due to the reason that many people bugging me on MSN when the time is nearing lunch time, I just have to stop doing my work to entertain them. While chatting, I just my as well sign in blogger and blog... hahaha..

I have announcement to make...


Yu hoo... lalalalallalallallalallallalalala...

Counting down days...wahahahahhahahaa.. I have fired my boss 1 month ago..hahahaha....

Jaina on Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vain picture
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I'm so vain.

Vain, vain, to the extent of spending more than RM300, close to RM400 on unnecessary things 3 weeks ago. :(

I admit that I don't have model look but I took part in a model search contest. Have been so eager to pose like a model with pro photographer taking photos of me...I'm so vain, vain, vain.

Dreaming of appearing in Cleo magazine cover page in next 2 months. Haha..That's when my career path took a big turn.

I promised myself that I will/shall/would not spend money on this makeover again..never, never, never.except my wedding photos if I ever get married leh. However, I will still keep on dreaming.

Jaina on Thursday, May 17, 2007

Cute kitten
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This kitten is extremely cute.. Cute until can faint..

Another sleepy kitten


Jaina on Monday, May 14, 2007

Boyboy Enters Week 3 as Purina One Challenge Takers
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My boyboy enters Week 3 as Purina One Challenge Takers. In case if anyone haven't cast their vote this week, please kindly vote at Boyboy. I have just submitted week 3 progress updates in few hours ago and the updates will be uploaded on this coming Monday.He becomes more energetic as compared to previous weeks. Please read my updates at his page in Purina One for more details.

See, boyboy is so eager to tell me that he finishes his food..Yayaya, want to act clever, isit? Behaves like a kid... What to do, I have to praise him, "Good Boy" to make him happy!!! Not a sincere praise, leh...

Aiks, he's too furry and messy now. I have to wait for 2 weeks more for grooming so that he will look better at Grand Finale.

Once again, I beg all of you to vote for my dog each week. Thank you.

Jaina on Friday, May 11, 2007

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I rarely get angry and irritated but I have patience limit at the tip. If I get angry, I am real angry.

Some stupid drivers are extremely rude, inconsiderate and they break the rules... They are extremely selfish!!!

I had been advised that I shouldn't simply honk other drivers when I'm driving in KL. Ok, fine.

I will horn if

1. Some aunty or pakcik who drive at 40km/h at right lane on a main road whom block my way.
2. Cars that blocked my way when I'm driving straight at my lane and they are stopping at my lane to turn to another direction.
3. Drivers think that the road belongs to their grandfather whom simply squeeze into my way.
4. Drivers who don't queue and squeeze into my way when turning although the line is long.
5. Any cars that inconsiderately block my way.

I had an experience with selfish drivers whom doesn't queue when the line is long in Bukit Bintang area. I was waiting at traffic lights junction where I need to turn right. The rest of lanes are for straight direction. Though the line was long, I don't mind of queuing up. When I am the third car from traffic lights, a stupid red old Honda tried cut into my lane. I didn't give my way because he's overtaking at double line so I honk at him. He forcibly drive into my lane instead. What lar. I honk at him again.

My blood is boiling by now. I have been waiting for this line about 15 minutes and a stupid old Honda cut into my lane without waiting???

The picture depicts an Estima is just behind Honda. The Estima driver who thinks that he has bigger car so that he can bully smaller cars. You know what he did??

He overtake into my lane just like the old Honda did in just few minutes ago!!! Doesn't he know that he can't overtake at double line? I got very annoyed and honk at him many times.

By the time the traffic lights turn green, he simply doesn't move at all. I got so angry that I honked at him many times. The cars behind me also honked many times. He feels that driving an Estima is more superior than other cars. What lar. Then only, he turns right at the junction. He drives extremely slow and I was losing my patience.He slowed down to the left and waited for me to pass him. I thought of , "Shit lor, is he asking for a fight?" Luckily, he then turn into another junction while I'm going to another direction.

I must keep a baseball bat in my car in future just for safety purpose. If anything happen, I will hit hit hit hit hit hit hit like no one cares. I really cannot stand inconsiderate and selfish drivers.

Jaina on Friday, May 11, 2007

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I hate blog spammers!!!!!

Recently, I have discovered that many people from all over the world been using keyword's such as "microskirts", "Lee Hom", "chi xin jue dui" etc, and it linked to my blog... Why???

I'm trying to search for a freeware that destroys all the spammers... :(

Jaina on Friday, May 11, 2007

10 current habits about me
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Here goes :

1. I get sleepy by 11.30pm and will be awaken by 6 sth am because of loud Muslim prayers. I would sleep back after their prayers.

2. The first things I do when I reach my office desk; switch on the PC, refill fresh water of my tumbler while waiting for Windows to load, open Outlook to check for office emails, sign in MSN, check my personal emails (Hotmail and Yahoo!),read friends blogs, read popular blogs. After that, I start doing everything else.

3. I glued to the TV at night and weekend nites too. Too bad my KL house doesn't subcribe Astro, however there are so many entertaining shows on ntv7 and 8tv. Whether it's Korean drama or local Chinese drama which I can't understand Mandarin, I must watch. I like reality competition shows such as singing competition, dancing competition, acting competition, modelling competition, business etc. I like food and travelling shows too. I watch Taiwanese shows such as Guess, Guess, Guess..

4. I grew up eating Mamee as junk food. I really love Mamee until today. I would buy 1 big pack of 10 small packets in supermarket. Do you know that I was crazy that I ever cook Mamee before, just like cooking instant noodles when I was 7 years old? During that time, the Mamee size is bigger than now so I would feel full after eating the cooked noodle. hehe..

5. I seldom go out for lunch because it's hot and sunny outside. I rather have a small meal from the canteen or bring lunch from home.

6. I read newspapers while lying on the bed before I go to sleep. Bad for eyes, right? Aiya, I feel my eyes power is stagnant for few years so it doesn't really matter.

7. I must keep my nails short. I have a habit of scratching my head and face so my nails will collect dandruff and oil sebum. haha.. Anyway, it's easier to remove contact lenses from eyes too.

8. I must take nap in the afternoon when I'm staying at home. Don't know why... Got this habit since I was very young.

9. I can't routinely take supplements every day. I will forget once a while.

10. I don't exercise. It's bad for my health, I know.

Jaina on Thursday, May 10, 2007

Happy Mother's Day
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Happy Mother's Day
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Jaina on Thursday, May 10, 2007

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This is a joke from the Internet... 100 things to do when ordering pizza..I wondered why Azzit Humor angmoh are so humorous and creative...haha, lol ..check out the full list from the URL.

I imagined what will happen if I try prank call Pizza Hut or Domino's here... Will they get annoyed? hahaha...Anyway, I love pizzas...

Super supreme

Island Supreme

If anyone ask me to decide the pizza flavour before I call Pizza Hut, I will definitely order Super Supreme and Island Supreme because I love this 2 flavours. I don't care what are their preference because it's my decision, wut? However, I hate delivered pizzas as it gets cold by the time it served on the table.. I rather dine in the restaurant. I love cheese so much to the extent of I would ask for sprinkling extra cheese powder on top of the pizza. I really don't like adding chilli sauce to it...It's strange adding chilli sauce to western food. It's like having ice blended coffee with popiah..cheeseeeeee....

Jaina on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

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I love to dream and I have very good imagination.

I always dream of backpacking in Europe, trip to Milan, Venice, Rome, Paris, Nice, Monaco, London and other major cities.

At Milan...Shop for LV, Prada and Gucci bags...

Rome - The Colleseum...Lot's of historical place to see...

Venice - A chance to ride on gondolas...Unforgettable experience...

Nevertheless, I get the feel of wearing trench coat while imagining myself walking with other fashionable ladies, lugging a Gucci bag at Milan. Just like the scene of Andrea from the Devil Wears Prada movie.

When can I achieve this opportunity to travel Europe for 2-3 weeks? Wait for company windfall and award all employees with Europe trip? Wait until honeymoon if I ever get married to rich guy?? hehe...or wait if I strike 1st prize lottery? or wait for any rich 'datuk' godfather or god grandfather to give me 'huge' pocket money?

Dream on ... I'm still dreaming...

Jaina on Tuesday, May 08, 2007

What style of Clothes are you?
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Been coughing and making lots of 'koff koff' noises since yesterday. Dammit, I can't join BBQ and steamboat with my colleagues tonight because my sick throat won't allow me. I have been so eager to join since last week and I even agreed that I won't "let go aeroplane" to them. What lar me... Nevermind, for my farewell, I will ask them to treat me another BBQ and steamboat...hahaha...at this time, I don't need to pay...wahaha, I'm so materialistic...

I have been surfing Internet this whole day because I have nothing to do..I found a quiz page so I took a quiz from quizmeme. It's about What Style of Clothes are you?

Looks interesting. I don't remember what questions asked, I just got the results as Comfy Loungewear. Huh?? What's a loungewear? After checking from dictionary, it's actually comfortable clothes that worn during leisure time or for relaxing. oo..I have learned a new word today..haha..

find your inner clothing style @ quizmeme.com

The results concluded that I'm easy going and relaxed person...I feel that it contradicts to what I think I am. Is it really a I'm easy going person???

There are more quizzes from that website. Check it out when you are feeling bored and sleepy.

Jaina on Friday, May 04, 2007

Boyboy enters Week 2 as Challenge Takers
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As I mentioned in my previous entry about my Boyboy on Purina One 30days Challenge Takers, I have updated first weekly progress results on Boyboy webpage in Purina's website.

Please, please kindly cast vote for him... He just earned a meagre 1 star. :(

I guessed many of you have received an email from me to inform you all to cast votes for him every week. Well, the contest has entered into 2nd week now, I will submit the 2nd week progress updates later.

For your information, I'm actually not promoting Purina One dog food. Purina One is premium dog food so it's more expensive than the normal dog food. It's food packed with much more nutrients and because of that, the amount to be feed must be lesser than usual. Nevertheless, I really find that the dog food is tastier than Pedigree. Boyboy gobbled down Purina One faster than his usual pace. Slow slow, boy...

His all time favourite food is steamed chicken rice, u know... He gets excited when he sees me carrying white styroam pack containing chicken rice. He would be barking, jumping up and down, with all the saliva flowing down..like 10 days never eaten anything... I only give him a nice treat once a week.

Kelly, if your Nici is big enough to eat solid food, try giving her chicken rice without oil and sauce. You will shocked to see her reaction..haha..Don't ever give chocolate(not even koko crunch) to doggie... Sure get sick or worse, die of heart attack.

Jaina on Friday, May 04, 2007