Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!

Hehe, it's a little too late to wish it here..but hey, I have wished Gong Hei Fatt Choy since the 1st day CNY to everyone that I meet...that's how eager am I to receive angpaus from relatives... :)

Anyway, my CNY celebration was so-so, every year having the same events eg; having dinners with family, eating lots of cookies and soft drinks, visiting relatives in Ipoh, KL and having gatherings with ex-classmates and meeting up friends. I'm very glad to be able to meet classmates having steambot in Greentown, Ipoh. I like steambot very much...mmm, yummy... As my ex-classmates had blogged it in InTheCove so I don't need to do redundant work here.

During this CNY I'm quite moody; a mix of happy, confused and tulan emotion.

Happy because it's a holiday and it's the time to enjoy by doing things that I usually can't do everyday such as eat, sleep, meet frens, collect $$$ and being unproductive. Really glad to have steamboat with classmates.

Confused because I met up with that Ipoh guy..We went to Sam Poh Tong and climbed other "tongs'" beside it (I can't remember the name of the cave) on a hot and sunny afternoon. I was so surprised to see that many people were praying at the temples at that time. Feeling guilty for not going temple for so many years, so I prayed together. The more I chat with him, the more I'm confused about myself and him. He's so polite and gentleman, makes me go crazy...omg, i cannot be crazy, I must think rational. think rational. think rational. think rational... ok, i must think rational.

Tulan because the next morning after "Pai Tin Kong" night, I discovered fireworks residue on my car. The white spots on my car didn't vanish after heavy rainfall. Sigh... my colleagues would think that I'm lazy to wash my car often. This weekend I must send it to carwash center for them to scrub it. Besides that, there's upcoming ISO audit in my company so I have to compile and update many documents. "Fan ah" Angry at my boss didn't file the documents properly and he's didn't cared about ISO audit...

Jaina on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Happy Valentine's DAy
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Yay!!! Valentine's Day has passed... Anticipating Chinese New Year... In just 2 days, I will be back Ipoh celebrating the big day...actually it's week for rest and having fun... :) I wondered how Ipoh looks like now after 1.5 months back in KL. Must be alot of development near my housing area or new happening place just opened... :)

Yesterday was Valentine's Day celebration for lovers... In the morning, a friend of mine, Audrey had called me for lunch, at first I told her that I have bought food for lunch already. I was feeling abit lazy and abit lonely, sad to go out for lunch because it was sunny and hot yesterday. after much persuasion from her and told Andrew is coming along too, then only I decided to go out and had a quick lunch. During that time, we all were asked any dates at night...Hehe, me and Audrey said no and Andrew said his appointment cancelled and postponed to tomorrow. What to do at night rather than staying at home thinking nonsense? Hence, we decided to have a dinner at a mall in Shah Alam.

We had dinner at Nando's and we had a good buddy chat and giving silly jokes. At that time, many love songs was being played at the restaurant for the lovebirds who were also having dinner there. So, we played a "Guess the song and artist" game... I'm terrible at remembering songs especially oldies and mushy love English songs so I wasn't able to guess any songs. We were sitting at outdoor and I really enjoyed the cooling breeze while quietly listening to the songs. We left around 10pm and I went back home, had a shower and sleep...

Before I could fell into deep sleep, I have been thinking alot why I can't date anyone or anyone who is interested me nowadays. Here's the list of my assumed reasons. People said that I'm alot better than any guys...I was like "HUH?"

1. I'm born in above average family...Big car, big house... Guys would say "whoa" each time I sit in their car. *pening, I have to explain everything*
2. I'm driving Toyota Corolla Year 1997...10 years old already..."whoa" again...
3. I'm very close to my family. "ooh"
4. I'm a graduate. "oic"
5. I'm dark..or more positively said, tanned. "ok, ugly duckling or special skin complexion"
6. I'm skinny or better word, thin. "No flesh"
7. I'm quiet...sometimes friendly, sometimes not...
8. I'm sometimes blur and unable to understand fast..I have to digest first ma...
9. I'm smart..hello??? smart? alot of people are smarter than me ler...what lar... It's my instinct that helps me alot...sometimes instinct also useless...
10. I'm not confident. Not confident about myself and wasn't able to put trust on people especially guys.

Aiya, I don't know the rest of the reasons lar... I give up lar... Sleep..
Sleep is the best medicine to cure my loneliness...

Jaina on Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy CNY
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Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!!
I'm the mood of celebrating CNY...Yay !!! i have been tidying a pile of junk on my office table and decorating my dept with angpaus... :)

One matter I have been thinking for a long time... I'm not sure whether I'm ready to take a challenge of living alone and everything would be foreign to me. A more advanced country located southern of peninsular Malaysia had attracted me. Yeah, that's Singapore. Singapore has better lifestyle and more peaceful to stay... That is my perception.. Is this true, Lee Wah?

However, I will have to sacrifice lots of my life priorities. My life would be different. I can't go back Ipoh very often(Only once a year), can't meet friends especially classmates, can't meet parents and relatives as often as I want, makan delicious food. In other words, I can't let go all these. Maybe I can't live alone.

Aiya, let me think about it more. Sien... Is there any rich and handsome kwai loh available? Wish to get married with rich man and I will become yuppie's hanging out at shopping malls buying LVs, Dior, Versace and travel around the world.... working is so "fan"...fan sei ngo... I'm not joking, I really have thought of it... Please introduce kwai loh to me, please don't keep to yourself...hehe...

P/s : Back to reality... Can anyone tell me the experience of staying away from family? I just wondered whether I can cope with the challenge of staying in Singapore... alone...

Jaina on Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wonderful weekend
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I guess I was a little bit crazy to drive down to Cyberjaya just to have BBQ buffet dinner last weekend. Anyway, it was a free dinner voucher got from company dinner lucky draw. Since I won't be going to these Putrajaya or Cyberjaya often, so I drove around Putrajaya government offices after the dinner...These places were all glitter up actually although there was not a single human around there.

The lampost is crooked at the top...weird design, as if an UFO has knocked it..

The Putrajaya famous bridge...haha..looks like there's special effect...My camera was not able to focus well with influences of lights.

On Sunday, I was such an angel and pay a visit at SPCA, Ampang. hehe...Once I reached the entrance of SPCA, I could smell the animals odour(I think it's shit), I tried to stop breathing from my nose. There were so many doggies and cats...I guessed it's about 100 of them. A few dogs were left in open space, many stayed in individual cage and a few were at fenced small area. At first, few dogs bark incessantly, but after awhile they became quiet and swing their tails rigourously as if welcoming me. :) Most dogs are just common breed and some are mixed breed with ugly fur colour. Their previous owners were really imhumane and abandoned them here just because it was born ugly.


Beware..this dog is very fierce and it bites...Must be kept in the cage.

It was really fun touching terriers and small furry dogs and playing with them..They are very gentle friendly and giving me lots of licks. However, there are a few dogs which look depressed and blur blur. A female dog has just given birth and the keeper coaxed me to adopt puppies as there were lots lots of puppies and there isn't anymore space to keep them. I just don't have a place to keep a pup. They were very very tiny, cute and adorable...Those puppies really melted my heart...To anyone who would like to have a puppy at home, please go SPCA, Ampang and adopt one immediately. It's very simple to get there from MRR2, just find the road from the map SPCA.

After spending time in SPCA, I headed to MIdvalley for SHOPPING!!! I managed to purchase few new clothes..hehe... Besides that, I was lucky to be at the Center Court and watch the Lion Dance performance at that time. I practically waited for 45mins at the front row just to see the Lion Dance..How bodoh am I as if I never see Lion DAnce before? I never Lion Dance jumping on pole live before ma...So I patiently waited just to catch the performance.

Check out its furry white tail...it bounce left to right, right to left..so cute...

Yay, I had a wonderful weekend before CNY.. I can't wait for CNY to come...Faster lar...I wished to go back Ipoh soon and meet up with relatives and classmates. I must enjoy Ipoh food as much as I can before I come back the city of KL...

Jaina on Monday, February 12, 2007

What I want in my life?
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Recently I have been looking into my Friendster profile which I seldom open and explore here and there. Once I opened my photo album, omg... it lists out all old photos which tells me that it's time to upload few new and recent photos. After uploading photos, I accessed (pat kua) many friends profiles and their recent photos, eg; close friends, not so close friends, classmates, schoolmates that I'm not close with, UTP friends, colleagues profiles...

When I access my schoolmates friends whom are not my classmates and not my gang friends, I hardly recognise some of their faces as many of us have grown up as adults. But one thing I proudly to say that we, RPS still keep in touch with friends by having gatherings be it; birthday party, an simple outing, wedding dinner, yum cha session, karoake, etc. I'm very glad that we cherish our friendship although we have left school in Form 5 or Form 6. I knew many older friends outside RPS that they told me that they seldom or worst, never have gatherings after leaving school. The reasons --> no contact number, no time..and so on... Such a lame reason...

YAY!!!!! My immediate boss has flew back to his country home...He will back after CNY...Wah haha, no disturbance, no monitoring of me...Since he's not here, my sales person, B came to my dept and chat with me and my colleague, A. While we were chatting, suddenly B pop up one question to ponder.

B : Eh, why do u work?
A : (Stunned) For satisfaction, Don't want to rely on parents..
Me : (Thinking....for money, but I didn't mention out)
B : Then, why do u study?

Wow, another open question....why do u study?

I study because I have to study lar..there's no other choice in my life. I studied because...I don't want to become DBI worker, rubbish collector or cleaner. haha...that's was my reason when I was young.... After studying for many years in school and uni, frankly speaking, I have forgotten lots of theories being taught by teacher or lecturer.

What is the purpose of working? This question is very open..Any answers will do actually, it's just a matter of life priority... I realised that I'm a money minded and stingy person as my answer for that question was MONEY... I guess I still haven't find the real purpose of working...I think I should do soul searching thingy one day... What I want in my life???

Jaina on Tuesday, February 06, 2007