Happy New Year!!!
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yeah, yeah, i haven't been updating my blog. The last blog entry was end of last month.

I guess I was abit too late to wish everyone Merry Christmas. Anyway, New Year is coming in just 4 days time... Hooray, Happy New Year to everyone. However, I will be a little sad that I will a year older. Will be 27...oh gosh...thinking of my age nearer to the digit '3' frightenes me.

tHIS month update

1. My left eye was infected with stiles. I was frustrated that I can't wear contact lenses for 2 weeks. My specs is outdated so I am embarrased to wear specs in the office. End up wearing it anyway. The antibiotic prescribed wasn't working well. The swollen area subsided a little and was painless for 2 weeks.

2. I bought a Toshiba laptop at a good bargain in PC Fair... Hooray!!! My new baby....

3. Damn, my house telephone line is behaving weird. I can't dial up to the Internet connection. Yeah, I'm still using dial up... Not yet upgrade to broadband service. Thinking of setting up streamyx at home. However, I seldom online at home so I wasn't really sure whether paying huge commitment is worthwhile.

4. Went back Ipoh for 6 days during Haji and Christmas...Another Hooray!!! Watched DVD like mad and I finished reading a book. And the most important thing in Ipoh is the food...Yummy, yummy... I been to most of the familiar hawker stalls, coffee shops and restaurants with familiar aunty boss, waitress, waiter that serves the tastiest food.

5. I got involved in a new project. Hooray for trust of my boss for my capabilities...but it's bad for me to handle 2 projects in a hand. More late nites in the office :(

6. I indirectly stopped a guy from advancing from friend to a closer friend relationship. Aih, as I expected, he is acting weird in the office. Moreover, I have to work together with him....ahh...why the situation becomes more strange and stiff? huhu.... why can't God grant me another guy apart from my usual colleagues? ahh....

On the positive note, lets me wish for a better life next year.
Happy New Year 2008!!! 2008 is a good number for digit punters...haha...Even for getting married date on 8th of August, 2008. hehe...

Jaina on Friday, December 28, 2007