Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!
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Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!

It's the time when all Chinese will indulge in exhorbitant priced mooncakes and bright lanterns are being hanged at house compound until all night long.

Yippie, enjoy the day everyone...

As usual, at the same time, the Malay kids will join in playing fire crackers to make environment liveir....haha, as their Raya is coming in just 2 weeks time...

Jaina on Monday, September 24, 2007

An email from far...
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oh my goodness....

I was astonished to received an email from my primary school tuition mate whom I lost touch since I stopped having tuition there... I haven't seen him after that... I could only remember images of him as a young cute boy...that's it...

I am very surprised that even an old long lost friend take an effort to write an email to me to check whether am I the one who had tuition with him... wah lau eh...

Anyway, I am truly glad to receive an email from my old friend. :)

Wondering why I still remember my tuition mate although I had attended many tuitions centre during my schooling years?

It's because it was my first tuition group and the tuition teacher was marvellous and helpful and he tells us lots of interesting stories. It was a small group tuition and the tuition mates were friendly and naughty as well...I was actually had fun having tuition with them so I remember all of them..haha...oh yeah, I miss my tuition teacher actually...By now, he's quite old, I guess around late 60 years old... Hopefully he is in good health now as he smokes alot last time...

It's getting late now...Got to have my beauty sleep now...

Jaina on Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Has anyone everyone experience this scenario?

When you wish for something so hard that you can't get at a particular time; but when you don't wish it, it will come to you many times.

aih...apalah....wrong timing....

Jaina on Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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Here I am in a room in KL on a long Merdeka holiday weekend... Yeah, I’m bored; staying at home and not going out to join the hustle bustle environment in the city. However, I had it enough of facing the rat race for 5 days every week. Workload is increasing day by day and endless meetings to attend every week. Hence, that’s the reason I don’t blog as much as I before in the office.

I wished to go back Ipoh this weekend but there are 2 reasons that won’t allowed me to; 1. I wasn’t allowed to drive back. :( This is an advice from parents.
2. Catching a bus is the second option. However, due to recent bus accidents on highways, I don’t want to take risks to ride a bus of a reckless driver.

Thus, end up staying in KL this weekend. Hopefully, I will make a decision to go back on this coming weekend.

Last Thursday, my manager asked me why I don’t get to know new colleagues in plant. I was quite surprised with that question. Erm, I just don’t know how start a conversation with ppl when they are busy with their work and it’s rude to disturb ppl who are busy. I would get to know colleagues whom I always meeting them and whom I work together with. I guessed that I’m not really a friendly person.

I’m 26 this year but I don’t feel that I’m 26 years old. There were not many achievements that I made for the last 3 years. I find that some of people who are same age as mine had settled down building family, some bought a house, some bought a car. Me, still single, staying with relatives and driving papa’s car. Some people told me that I still young, more things to come as a challenge that will change my mind to become more mature and more understanding. Yeah, I take that advice into consideration and as a console to my heart.

I wished to meet up with more friends but mentally I am too tired. I could sensed obstacles that don’t drive me forward. I feel my parents are controlling me and over protective towards me. Each decision that I made had to be voiced out to my parents. However, they aren’t receptive to my decision. So, what should I do? Voiced out or don’t voiced out, I could already know their disapprovals and continuous naggings. Besides that, I can’t explain to them some things but I will explain it with my friends with an open heart. That’s the difference of communication with parents and friends.

Hence, sometimes I wish to be alone but at that same time, I wish to go out and have some fun with friends. Can be said that I do things in moderation.

Now, as my project is warming up, I could guess I will have more stressful days in near 2 months.

Btw, I was depressed to discover a few strands of white hair jutting out from the black ones. :(
This is a first sign that I have been thinking alot and I'm getting old. Not a good sign.

Jaina on Sunday, September 02, 2007

Happy Birthday, Malaysia!!!
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Happy 50th Birthday, Malaysia!!!!!

May she will be peaceful with unity of her multiracial citizens for the next 50 years.

Jaina on Saturday, September 01, 2007