My plant and doggie
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Take a look at my plant creation

This is my plant on my office desk. It's bamboo (Lucky bamboo) that usually sold in supermarket during CNY. The bluish balls are soaked up with water and it glitters under the light.

Pekingnese dog. Found this dog on sale in Pet's Wonderland. It's fierce but adorable at the same time. I love fluffy dog...

awww...see...isn't it cute while lying on the floor?

Just a random post with pictures and less words. :)

Jaina on Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Happy CNY
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Xin nian kuai le...

Everyone is having CNY festive mood these days. The usual weekend morning market is crowded with more people shopping for groceries, CNY delicacies, CNY decoratives, and CD's stall is blaring with 'Chai Sun Dou' song. Parking space near market turns out to be harder to find. If you lucky, you will find one nearer to market, if not, you have to park your car further away from the market.

I have permed my hair again this year. My colleagues were quite surprised with my new hair style from really straight hair to curly hair again. Hmm, maybe in the of middle year, I will cut into bob hair just like Victoria Beckham. It looks stylish hairstyle to me.

Anyway, I can't wait to go back Ipoh on 1st Feb, right after work. Hooray, hooray....

I gotta go home now as it's gets dark here....

I guess this post is rojak and sorry that I took some time to compose and I have to continue it bits by bits in 5 days time. I wish I could post some photos here... I feel that I don't have any spare time for me to surf Internet and read blogs anymore... :( I am getting more and more and more work nowadays...siau ppl...

Jaina on Tuesday, January 22, 2008