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I'm very depressed today. I felt like staying at home and watch tv.

I wonder why whenever I treat other people very nice, that person will take it for granted. WHY? WHY? WHY?

Sigh, I cannot tolerate anymore. Crying deep inside my heart.

I should be selfish to myself and put myself as priority.

Jaina on Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Permed Hair
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Last saturday, I went to hair saloon for hair perming. After consulting her pro and cons about having curly hair, I decided to go for it. I never permed my hair before so I was so excited about it.

After hair permed

The next day

I find that my hair is getting straight after 2 days. My hairstylist advises me not to comb hair and do not use hair dryer to dry hair. To hold the curliness, hair mousse is recommended. Many people shocked to see my new hairstyle. Hehe...

Jaina on Monday, July 24, 2006

Pulau Sipadan
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Wow!!! These are the pictures that I received from my friend about Pulau Sipadan. I was facsinated with the pictures. The scenery at the island is amazing. The clear blue seawater and clean beach. No wonder kwai lohs like to spend their holiday there. I don't even know about such a beautiful island in Sabah until first Survivor reality show being aired at our local TV. However, I can't swim, I would be wasting opportunities if given a chance to visit the island.

Past few years, I heard there were kidnappings or political affair happened there. Bali too had bombings by terrorist. Omg, nice and wonderful places which are frequently by kwai lohs maybe in danger anytime.

Jaina on Friday, July 21, 2006

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Yay, I took some pictures from my handphone K700i.

Leng Lui or not?

My furry cute dog

Jaina on Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Ipoh, my hometown
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Last weekend, I drove back to Ipoh with my brother. I woke up early at around 7.30am and started the journey back home around 8.30am. Ya, I have been dilly dally packing my stuffs and had slow breakfast at home, that's the reason why I took 1 hour to get ready for the trip.

I was kind of tired of driving when I reached Ipoh. I just had lunch with my family and went to my aunty's house in Star Park (used to be my grandma's house but she has passed many years ago). We went there to visit my cousin who has just delivered a healthy baby boy. He looked very tiny and delicate.

My family and I had a dinner outside to celebrate my birthday. So called celebrating..We just makan makan only, nothing special to expect for me. Then, I met up with my so called close friend. He's quite a homely and shy guy. We had a drink at Yeolde English behind Jusco. We would like to walk around in Jusco but it's kind of late already so we went to Yeolde.

We could get along with each other and I feel comfortable being with him. He's a nice friend to be with. He's older and more matured than me. I'm still blur blur, I don't know wat I want in my life..He doesn't smoke and doesnt drink alcoholic alot.And he's not adventurous person and not expressive and passive type of person. He has stable job and a house and car, what else could I ask for? He's boring to many girls but I feel that he's a nice guy to be with. We have almost similar personality (quiet,soft,shy etc), I think kelly, yoke ping and debbie can guess his personality la.

Just to be frank, we are still close friends and the "relationship or couple" issue is not discussed between both of us. I'm still thinking whether I really like him or not. I just can't accept a failure relationship in future anymore. Or maybe I can't get along with him in future because we have similar personality. Who knows? Sigh, I shall stop thinking about this issue.It makes me headache..

After the drink, he sent me back home. Once reached my home, he opened up his car boot and showed my birthday present to me. It was big flowery box. The box size is about 18"x12" and it's light. I was so surprised because I never expected him to give such a big present. I said thanks to him and told him that I shall meet him again. I should have gave him a kiss but on my second thought, no kiss for him.hehe..

The content of the box is a flurry brown dog. Cute dog with big eyes and flappy ears. I wonder that where did he buy, from Watsons? Too bad, I don't have camera. If not, I shall upload in this blog and maybe some of you have seen it before somewhere.

That's all for now. I should continue working la.

Jaina on Wednesday, July 05, 2006