Strawberry Cream Lemon Pudding
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I have made and swapped strawberry cream lemon pudding before for SwapBot.

Nevertheless I have sewn another strawberry cream lemon pudding and listed it in Etsy.

Felt Strawberry Lemon Pudding

Isn't it adorable?

I sewn this from soft felt and fill with polyester fiber. :)

Jaina on Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Blog of the day
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Kiwi!!! Run!!! Kiwi!!! Omg, I just foolishly cheered my hamster running on wheel. haha..Do I sound crazy? I'm being moody these few days.

Finally, I finished reading Angels And Demons novel. It is a superb and well written thriller novel. The ending of the story is unimaginable and unexpected. WoW!!! Thumbs up for Dan Brown... I won't be blogging about the story here as it would kill the brilliant suspense of the thriller. Anyway, I will be watching the movie't wait to know how the movie made like.. hopefully the movie is as great as the novel...

Work has been draining my energy nowadays. Pretty blur for being first timer doing a project alone. Moreover, I'm rushing against report due date. Feeling so sucky as I need time to learn and understand and work on it. Rushing to report completion without knowing what you are doing is an useless experience.

Yay, tomorrow is Thursday and the day after tomorrow is Friday. I'm looking forward for weekend to rest and sleep as much as I can.

Jaina on Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Golden triangular earrings
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Just listed Golden Triangular Earrings in Etsy.

The triangles are folded from golden Yuzen Washi (Japanese rice paper) and I just inserted the triangles to form dangling earrings.

The making of this earrings are simpler than butterfly and kimono earrings and it takes short time to complete them.

Jaina on Tuesday, May 12, 2009

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Meet my plush towel dog,Brownie. :)

Jaina on Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wesak Day Holiday!
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Yippie, my company has granted us a replacement Wesak Day holiday on Friday. It was quite productive day for me yesterday. I filed up my bills, threw out old stuffs and clothes, read Angels and Demons, made a pair of earrings and bought new clothes online. between of that, I enjoyed my favourite hobby too which is sleeping in the afternoon. Anyway, I just slept 1 hour in the afternoon.

I'm currently reading Angels and Demons novel written by Dan Brown. Yea, I know this book has been a bestseller few years ago, but I enjoyed reading adventures and thriller novels. Moreover, I'm intrigued about the discoveries and clashes between science and God. As I read about Robert Langdon and Vittoria embark on frantic hunt of new weapon of destruction in Catholic Churches in Vatican City, the more I'm excited and can't stop reading from one page to another page. It was so absorbing and fast paced adventure that I could read until midnight. It's very interesting and unimaginable discoveries made by Langdon and how he solves every clues that he discovered. Anyway, I'm still reading this novel..oo, can't wait to know how Langdon solves the hunt to stop the murder of 4 cardinals before midnight.

It's been a hot today. It hasn't been raining for few days.

I online bought a few clothes with yp yesterday. I was kind of regret for being such an impulse buyer. Anyway, hope that the clothes arrived are in good quality.

Jaina on Saturday, May 09, 2009

It's the weekend in Ipoh
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Allright, I have made up my mind, I shall continue enjoying my own life from today onwards. I shouldn't be confused with petty stuff all the time.

Yay!!!Finally I have completed a plush toy towel dog. Initially, I sew the head of the dog then I become lazy and feeling confused for few days. Then, I pulled myself togeher and finished up the body dog which I had been procastinating for 2 weeks. However, it doesn't look cute and it look a bit skinny. haha..Anyway, I'm still glad I managed to complete the task.

I will add photo of the dog later as I left my camera in KL.

This morning I had curry noodles with my friends at Yat Yat Seng in Ipoh Gdn. To my surprise, the price has increased so much till RM4.50 per bowl. wow, it's about the similar price as KL noodles rate. Never had I know that Ipoh's food is becoming expensive nowadays. During our breakfast, my friend commented me that I looked different today. I was like, "huh?" I laughed too much, was I? er...not sure about that.. Maybe I becoming more open and talked more compared to last time, I tend to keep all secret to myself..haha..yea, I felt depressed by bottled up all secrets to myself.

Tmrw is Sunday, it's the time to go back KL..huhu...gonna work on Monday again. I'm being assigned with tedious study, I gotta concentrate on more chatting and playing games on facebook....

I will continue making origami jewellery for Etsy soon as my target of total items are 20 and now is just short of 2 items. Besides that, I didn't get any sales for few weeks although I have been promoting from time to time. Why? Where's Sales Fairy gone?

I shall focus on my work and craft from now on and I don't wanna confused with myself again. yes, Jaina can do it...

Jaina on Saturday, May 02, 2009

Happy Labour Day!!!
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It's 1st of May today. Happy Labour Day, everyone! It's a day to appreciate worker's achievement for their employers.

Anyway, since it falls on Friday, it's a long stretch of weekend holiday for me. I'm back Ipoh today and had a good sleep on my comfortable bed.

Most of my time spent on my new pinky iPod Nano these day, eg. listening to it, uploading more songs, playing games and so on. I really admired the glossy cover of my iPod that it almost slipped from my palm, the graphics on screen is so clear and sharp, the shaking feature that shuffle songs, the games that senses motion of my iPod, the vertical and horizontal graphics when iPod is being rotated and the superb ear phone that reduces noise. What a brilliant invention by Apple Inc! oh gosh, I guess I'm addicted listening to songs lately. I have been listening to it everywhere, be it in LRT, in the office, in the car, at home, etc.

Psst, I have a secret to tell, "I'm in love with my iPod!!!"


Alright, it's dinner time now..Gonna have dinner now. :)

P/s I'm listening to Lady GaGa's Poker Face. I found this pop song is interesting and soothes me.

Jaina on Friday, May 01, 2009