Mooncakes...a year
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hi hi... I'm another lazy blogger, apart from Kelly... :) hehe....
As you may observe my routine, I will usually update blog once a month, at least I could put an entry for every month.

what should I blog this time? Tomorrow is the Moon cake festival or Mid-Autumn Festival. Hence, there will be ritual prayers at home's God altar, whereby burning bigger joss sticks, papers, chicken and pork, variety of fruits being put on top of altar...I will be enjoying eating mooncakes and fruits too.

Kelly gave her hamster's babies to me last Wednesday. I realised that they are easier to take care and they are quite playful. I haven't named them yet. One of them looks like a kiwi fruit and another one is smaller size with a little of white patch. After observing them for few days, they love to sleep during the day. They will be very active at night when I usually going to bed time.They are nocturnal animals, exactly like a rodent..Besides that, they love to eat, they could finish off the whole tray of food in a day... Sometimes they will carry food into a house(a part in the cage) and eat it there. hehe...I would sat they are very cute pets.
They are currently sleeping in the house so I can't take photos of them.

I'm pretty hooked with Poupee. It's a fun page where you can virtually dress up a poupee (your avatar), buying clothes, selling clothes and making friends as well. It's kind of addictive because you need to dress up your avatar and take a snapshot for ribbons(poupee currency). The more ribbons you have, the more purchasing power you have for the clothes that being sold there. :)

Today's snapshot for my poupee...
Enjoy mooncakes yourself, ok...It's only occurs once a year festival... have to appreciate the moments and legends behind this auspicious festival. I heard that it's a chinese romance festival or so called "valentine's day" for chinese...I wonder it's that true...
Anyway, Happy Mid Autumn Festival !!!

Jaina on Saturday, September 13, 2008