Kreativ Blogger Award
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Yippie, I'm so excited that I received a blog award from Huey. I never realised that my work is being recognised as Kreative Blogger. hehe.. Lately, I have been wondering whether craft has been my hobby or my passion. I started crafting just to fill up my spare time at home other than, watching DVDs and reading novels.

The rules for this award : Name 7 things I love and then tag 7 other blogs.

7 Things I Love:
1. My family and friends : I am blessed with happy family and still keeping in touch with my good friends whom I have known from primary school until now.

2. My laptop and my phone : I can't live without it

3. Internet connection : I can't live without connection around the world

4. Books : I love reading books. I believe by reading, you will gain knowledge, insight, ways of thinking, maturity, etc. Somehow, you will gain knowledge by reading.

5. Sleep : I never sacrifice my sleep to anything more important than sleep. I will still sleep early although I wasn't prepared for important appointments such as meetings, presentation, exams, etc. My brain will be stunted on the next day if I don't get enough sleep.

6. Flowers : I adored flowers very much. You may noticed that I have lots of flowers posted everywhere, be it in this blog, flickr, facebook and so on.

7. Derma White Beautifier Essense : This skin care works wonderfully on my face. It really smoothens and lightens my face. It is not oily and it is water based, hence it suits my oily face.

Allright, I got tag Creative bloggers with this award

1. Kelly

2. LuckyRoni

3. lovestitches

4. paper2yarn



7. kiirey

Haha, got to post comments on their blogs just to inform that they received this award from me. :)

Jaina on Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Origami Jewellery
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Nowadays I'm addicted to origami jewellery. I have made a few earrings and barrettes/ hair pins from yuzen washi. Yuzen washi is Japanese rice paper and it's more durable than normal origami papers. I love yuzen washi papers because they are so beautiful and I bought it from my previous Japan trips. Here's the pack the I have bought ;

From the pack of yuzen washi, I have made these items below. :)

The Red Roses are one of the most gorgeous blooms, highly adored by most people and it represent love. I love roses too, especially the red ones. The Gorgeous Red Roses Barrette is made from mujizome washi, which are plain colour papers.

Folding crane is the fundamental origami for all beginners. Traditionally crane is a symbol of happiness, longevity, health, good luck and fortune, but in recent years, the crane has become a symbol for world peace.

Butterflies have always been loved, worldwide, for their graceful appearance as they flutter freely in the air.Hence, I have used Yuzen washi paper to represent the beauty of butterfly.

I have attached beautiful butterfly on barrette as well. Isn't it beautiful to wear it on your ponytail?

Lastly, the cute Japanese Kimono earrings. With its kimono-inspired patterns, I have used yuzen washi paper to make the most traditional-looking pieces.
By the way, all origami jewellery are coated with varnish giving it durability and makes the pieces water-resistant. Thus, wear them without worry. ;)
Have a look at for the items above.

Jaina on Sunday, March 22, 2009

Red Gorgeous Roses French Style Barrette / Hairpin on Treasury List
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I'm so glad that my Red Gorgeous Roses French Style Barrette/Hairpin is being featured on West Treasury List curated by abbasgirl.

Come and have a look at this treasury list. :)

Jaina on Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Koi pond ATC & Lemon Pudding Strawberry Cream
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On Swapbot, I have made an ATC for quikturnaround ATC#3 swap for DebP.
I made a Koi pond ATC for her because she likes anything to do with water such as river, lakes and so on. Hence, a Koi pond would be a unique water related ATC. I hope that she will likes it.

Koi Pond ATC

Next, I have sew a DIY lemon pudding made from felt for moosemama for Craft for A Craft swap. It's a lemon pudding with strawberry cream and chocolate strips as topping. Looks yummy. :)

Lemon pudding with strawberry cream topping

Both swap items are on the way to them. hooray...

Jaina on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Latest items on Etsy
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What a lovely weekend that I had last week.. Had my hair cut and dyed to the latest colour on Saturday. Anyway, my hair wasn't cut short as bob cut because the hair stylist told me that my round face doesnt' suit short hair. Hence, it was just a layer cut still at over shoulder length. I went out for shopping with my brother in Midvalley and bought some groceries back.

I love folding lucky stars!!! I can fold it anywhere, on the sofa while watching TV, in the car when there is traffic jam or even on the bed. I have folded two different lucky stars this time.

Funky Aqua Turquoise Stripes Lucky Stars

One is Funky Aqua Turquoise Stripes Lucky Stars that each stars consists on aqua turquoise blue tones stripes. As you can see in the photo above, each of the stars are different of blue stripes.

Matryoshka dolls Lucky Stars

Next is the Matryoshka dolls Lucky Stars . The Matryoshka (Russians) dolls are so cute on the lucky stars.

Mini Origami Lucky Stars in a Glass Vial Jar Necklace

I like jewelry and I like origami too. Hence, I made a Mini Origami Lucky Stars in a Glass Vial Jar Necklace. I folded mini lucky stars from sweet pastel and flourescent papers. The mini lucky stars measuring 6mm from tip to tip and I have filled up the tiny glass vial jar with 12 stars! Everything is so tiny and it is suitable to turn into a necklace charm.

This is how it looks like when worn.

Mini Origami Lucky Stars that are to be filled in the Tiny Glass Vial Jar.

Jaina on Monday, March 09, 2009

Kudusama flower 2
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I made Kudusama flower again. Previously I made this flower from Post It Notes. However, this time I used flowery origami paper. It's very pretty. I will make more of this soon. :)

Jaina on Sunday, March 01, 2009