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Since I very free and bored now, and I have seen YP and kelly wrote about 100 things about themselves. Hmm, I shall start writing mine. Here's 100 things about myself.

1. My name is Pek Mun, everyone calls me Pek Mun.
2. My colleagues call me by my surname, Fan.
3. I'm 25 years old.
4. I studied in Universiti Teknologi Petronas for 5 years.
It was a horrible life in Tronoh.
5. I love my parents and my bro very much and I hope that my parents stop controlling me and stop treating me like a 16 years old kid.
6. I'm driving my father's car and it's very comfortable. However, I planned to buy a car in future so that I could stop dependent on my parents.
7. I'm sometimes very blur and give slow response when being bullied or attacked by my friends or colleagues. I can't seem to find anything to counterattack them.
8. I have low confidence and low self esteem. I don't like my life and I would envy those who have better life than me.
9. I have pimplish skin when I was in secondary school until uni.
10. I have spent more than rm1.5k for facial and skin care products. Anyway, I don't feel regret as the facial and products works for me.
11. I'm very shy meeting with strangers like friends of friends. I just don't comfortable talking to them.
12. Used to be naive girl.
13. Now, I would think and filter and won't believe all whatever anyone talks about.
14. I have a boring life.
15. Until today, I only went to pub ONCE! The pub is Y2K in Ipoh.
16. I don't like cigarrette smoke. It irritates my nose and throat.
17. I don't like the taste of beer.
18. I actually like wine, especially with fruity flavour.It tastes sweet and makes me sleepy and relaxing. ok, i think i was drunk that time..haha...
19. I studied at RPS, Ipoh. It's a quite low profile school and dominated by malays.
20. I miss my school days. I had friends that I still in keep in touch until now.
21. Wonderful school days. Hehe...
22. Playing and chatting with friends,is the best thing i knew.
23. When the teacher leaves the class, the whole class will be noisy.
24. I'm very bored now. I have nothing to do in the office now.
25. I was stressed out during uni days.
26. The engineering course that i took was quite tough. Sometimes I feel regret for choosing this course.
27. My schedule during uni was very packed. Too many assignments, projects, lab reports, revision for tests and quizes. I have little time for tvs, movies...sien la.
28. I hate doing housework. I'm lazy.
29. I'm a messy and disorganised person. The things that I keep are everywhere such as my face toner is in my paper bag while my face cream is in my makeup box..hehe.
30. I enjoy cooking but I don't like frying food such as fish, keropok and so on.
31. I don't like walking under the sun. Or I dun like hot weather la.
32. I like to sleep during rainy days. I would continue sleeping in the morning if it's raining.
33. I'm a dark skinned girl. There were 2 incidents, that the sales girls in a shopping complex outlet thought that I'm Malay and spoke to me in Malay. So sad!
34. I have shoulder length hair. I'm thinking of trimming it next week. A messy hair now.
35. I have highlighted my hair twice. hehe. I looked stunning and surprised my colleagues.
36. People judge on appearance. After highlighting my hair, some suppliers thought that I'm an outgoing girl. As if I'm lala mui.
37. Ya, I'm a very quiet girl. I seldom speak up.
38. I don't speak to strangers. If being introduced a new friend, I would be quiet. Maybe I'm shy la.
39. I would talk alot to close friends. sometimes if i'm good mood, I would tell silly jokes.
40. I'm thinking of changing my appearance. I'm thinking of perming my hair and add highlighting it. I imagining it would look marvellous.
41. I still looked like 16 years old. Some people said that my brother is my elder bro and asked me whether I'm still studying wor...
42. I wear contact lenses since I started working. I looked better without specs.
43. I have headaches frequently. I still don't know why. Maybe I don't have enough sleep.
44. I seldom take MC's. If I'm too sick, then I will just rest at home.
45. My weight always constant 45-47kg for these few years. I think it's a blessing that I can't gain weight although I have regular meals 3 times a day.
46. I'm a boring girl. I seldom tell funny stories or make people happy.
47. I have many old clothes that I still want to keep. I seldom buy new clothes.
48. I think I should buy mature looking clothes to make myself looked matured and not ah moi anymore..
49. Ya, many people called me ah moi. May be I still looked young. Luckily, they don't call me as aunty.
50. I like reading CLEO magazines. I find that the magazine is good for relaxing and makes me more self-concious.
51. I like reading The Sunday Star newspaper. Fill up my free time every Sunday.
52. I seldom go out with friends. However, I won't turn down any invitation from my friends unless if there's some other thing happen.
53. I don't have many admirers. Only two or three la..
54. Until today, I only had one steady relationship and it only lasted for 2 years.
55. I always day dreaming if I have nothing to do or nothing to worry about.
56. I wished for a nice and understanding boyfriend who loves me a lot and MUST NOT smoke and drink. I can't imagine cigarrette smoke from his mouth flowing into my nose.
57. I like flowers. However, I never received a big bouquet before. I only received a stalk of rose from my close friend during my graduation.
58. Every morning my breakfast would be Honey Star/Koko Crunch cereals+milk and a cup of Milo.This hasn't changed since I was in primary school.
59. I like to sleep. But I can't have comfortable afternoon nap.
60. I like to read while I'm lying on my bed.I know it's bad habit becos my eyes sight will get spoilt.
61. I like to read novels written by Sidney Sheldon, John Grisham, Stephen King, Dan Brown.
62. I used to read romance novels by VC Andrews,Sweet Valley High, Mills&Boons,Judith McNaught.
63. I have read most of the Enid Blyton story books during primary school.
64. I would like to try to read motivational books or management books next time.
65. Oh my god! I lookd like I'm bookworm. Nowadays, I seldom read or maybe no time to read.
66. I like reading blogs written by my friends, stranger like Kenny Sia.
67. I won't go cinema for movies alone unless it's a date with friends.
68. I rather borrow dvd's and watch at home which is cheaper value.
69. I love animals especially cats, dogs, rabbits, fishs, and other furry animals.
70. I wished I could keep rabbits or dogs as my pet at home. I can't becos I can't even take care of myself.
71. I'm a patient person. I seldom get angry at people. However, once I'm angry I'm real angry.
72. I admired a few guys before. However, somehow I detected the weakness of each guys which I can't accept. Hence, I stop admiring them.
73. Frankly speaking, I don't own any singers album of cassettes or cd's. It's not worth owning a cd that only one or two songs that are nice.
74. I listen to Mix FM, Hitz FM, Light and Easy, MyFM when I drive.
75. I love freebies. If I see free stuff promoted in newspaper and magazine, I definitely will redeem it.
78. I like entering contest in newspaper or magazine.
79. I won 2 F1 tickets from a contest last 3 years ago. hehe. It was damn hot at the circuit.
80. I find myself don't know what I want in future life. Just wake up, work, sleep routine.
81. I don't like free time (ie. no tasks given by boss) in the office. Makes me think I'm not trusted and useless.
82. I wished to continue masters degree in future.
83. I find working in KL is much more lively and flexible than Ipoh. IPoh bosses are stingy and does not care abt staff welfare.
84. I like KL environment but I hate traffic jam especially on Friday. Rain makes the situation worse.
85. I ever fell asleep in the car while waiting for traffic light to turn green. It was during peak hours in the morning. Hebatleh!
86. I had traffic summon for speeding last 2 years ago. Damn sui! Cost me RM300 becos it was during OPS...
87. I was caught talking on the phone while I was driving by police. I just gave them rm20 as belanja them meal.
88. I love everything to do with cheese. Pizzas, cheese cakes are my favourite.
89. I like steamboat, laksa, claypot yee mein, hokkien mein, loh mein, lam mein.
90. I love salmon sushi. Add with wasabi+soya sauce, syiok la.
91. I wished to travel to Singapore, HK, Jiu Zhai Gou(China), Korea in near future.
92. Maybe in 10-15 years time, I wished to travel further to US,Germany, Paris, Rome, Japan, England, Australia , New Zealand.
93. I'm very careful at spending money. Better term to describe me is thrifty. I would think many times whether I should buy things.
94. I'm not very good at making decisions. No matter how much time given to decide, I end up can't decide anything.
95. I can be a selfish person.
96. I'm easily being controlled or influenced by other people.
97. I hope to get married before I'm 30 years old.
98. I hope that I have stable job with yearly increment, and promotion to senior level, better benefits.
99. I get hungry easily.
100. I wished to go back Ipoh as frequent as I could and meet up my dream guy. hehe!!!

Wow! Finally, I completed 100 things about myself. I took a month to complete it. I conclude that I need more self evaluation about myself. Initially, I don't know about myself, hence I'm only able to write 10 points about me. This evaluation is definitely good to increase self awareness to determine the good points and weak points about oneself. Got to work now... I wished for long holidays...

Jaina on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I'm so bored now
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I have been reading Kelly and Yoke Ping's blog this whole day in the office. My boss went outstation and I have nothing to do now. There's no new inquiries from sales persons so I'm shaking legs now. I felt sleepy after lunch. I think the company should give me pay leave for me to go back home since I have nothing to do here. I have been surfing internet and online chatting with my friends today. See, how bad am I using company facilities such as the Internet and phone for my personal activities.

I should be reading about water treatment manuals or books to upgrade my knowledge in this field. HOwever, I feel very lazy to read now or maybe I'm not motivated to move on in my career path. I feel my position here is stagnant and there's not much pressure given by my boss. Every morning, usually my handphone alarm rang me up at 6.25am but i usually I would sleep back because my alarm will rang me again in 9mins time. I'm too lazy to wake up because I feel so heavy to work. Or may be i'm not enthuasiatic about my job. I would think, "aiyo, get up to work again ar..., sigh" i would stay in bed until 6.45am, then only I have the energy to get up and brush teeth, wash face and have fast breakfast.

My attitude towards the present job is totally different from my previous job. My previous job is even more fun, I have colleagues who thinks the same wavelength as mine meaning; simple and happy go lucky type, I have chance to meet suppliers and negotiate with them. However, the downside of the job is I don't have the chance to apply my Chem Eng knowledge in the working world. I would feel that my engineering knowledge would be wasted after studying very hard in uni for 5 years.

Now, I have the job that I dreamt but I feel so lonely and bored. There isnt much communication or interaction with people in the office or suppliers for my job. I was given chance to meet clients before but it was a boring meeting and I was forced to meet them alone. I just design and costing of ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis, EDI technology or conventional IOn exchanges system to suit clients water purity requirement based on the water quality given and make proposals and quotation for the clients. sorry for those who don't understand what I'm talking about. For easier explaination, I'm sure u all heard abt Waterco, Diamond water, and so on for drinking at home. HOwever, mine is bigger scale such as semicon industries, power plants, oil and gas industries to purify water for their production use. It looks interesting at first, right? But, I don't know why I'm bored here..Maybe due to there's no interaction required for this job. sigh, working alone...Damn boring.next time, i will not choose this type of working environment in my future job. Half interaction and half working alone would be the best, i think. But, to find the best job that suits me is impossible. Usually I will try to change myself to suit for the job. damn sun foo...

Jaina on Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Is it a coincidence or am I popular?
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I always think that KL is a big city and many dwellers hence, to meet someone that I knew is impossible.

Story 1

As usual I go to work on Monday morning. I don't like Mondays, I would be depressed waiting for the weekends to come. At the my desk, my colleague came over and asked me, " How was the food on Sunday?" I was surprised and wondering that did our company organised any activities or events on last Sunday and that no one told me about that??? Then, he said, "U had lunch in KLCC, rite?". Oh...I was relieved that it wasn't an company events that I thought I had missed. I explained to him that I was in Nandos having lunch with my ex-colleague and her friends. He was quite satisfied with my explaination..hehe..

Story 2

After I came back home from office on Monday, my aunty started asking me where did I go on Sunday. I just told her that I was in KLCC with my ex-colleagues and her friends. She replied that her colleague saw me and few friends standing at KLCC main entrance. I was like, "Huh?" As far I could remembered, we didn't stand at main entrance, we walking around and browsing items at the stores. Anyway, maybe her colleague description about me confused her or her colleague is "ngan fa" or in other words, didn't see properly.

Story 3

Right after lunch today, I was at pantry washing my hands where I met 2 colleagues there washing their dishes too. They told me that they saw me in my car at Hotel Regent, near Sg Wang on Saturday. I explained to them that I was heading to Lot 10 to park my car and then meet my school friends at Sg Wang.

In conclusion, I'm still wondering why many people saw me in 2 consecutive days in a over congested KL city. Is it a coincidence? Or am I too popular? I would think the latter should be impossible la...I'm not a star or prominent people in KL...hehe..

Jaina on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Outing with Friends
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Saturday : 24th of June, 2006

It was a tiring weekend for me. I didn't planned to go back Ipoh because my ex-schoolmates are coming down to KL. It has been many years I have not met them since I left our school after Form 5. Well, I was happy and excited meeting them at Sg Wang.

Their appearance didn't changed much, I'm still able to recognise Debbie, Kelly, Yoke Ping and Shelley. However, Debbie is alot fairer than when she was in secondary school. I was so curious and I asked her what whitening facial skincare product she used. I'm dark-skinned girl so I need a suitable recommendated whitening products. The answer that I received from her is, "Aiya, I'm always fair...I dyed my hair already..so, the colour contrast from skin, that's why my skin looks fairer.." I was like, DUH!!!

Anyway, I was quite surprised with Kelly's shopping spree in Sg Wang, Lot 10, and Times Square. Maybe in Ipoh, there are not many varieties of clothes, girl's accesories, handbags and stuff and she claimed that clothes are cheaper here. I was attracted to few cheap and nice blouses and shoes there but I have to control my urge to buy.That Saturday was the last weekend of the month, so I'm kind of short of cash this month. I have spent few hundreds for repairing my car brake and changing car battery last 3 days before that. Sigh, the car is getting old, need to change this and that.

Times Square was our last shopping centre that we visited. Debbie and I were very tired at that time. We left them continue browsing at the stores while we sat down at a bench at a walkway. It was great chatting with her, just like the good old school days. We catched up the lost days that I didn't managed to keep in touch with her many years ago.

Sunday : 25th June, 2006
There was another outing with my ex-colleague on Sunday. I got to wake up earlier so that I can reach KLCC by 12noon. It's been 4 months ago since I resigned from my previous company. Anyway, she also resigned for a better job prospect in penang. I was happy for her.

Again, we went to Nando's for lunch...Nando's is her favourite fast food restaurant. We chatted there and walking around in KLCC. There's nothing attracted me there except for cute and cool guys and pretty girls there..

It was a short outing with her as I was in the mood of going back home earlier. Anyway, I shall her again in the upcoming M'sia Mega Sale Carnival. Now, I found out that KL is a shopping paradise for girls..Giggles..hehe...

Jaina on Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Visit to A doctor
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I was still having terrible headache when i go to work on Friday. Feeling uneasy, I decided to pay a visit to a nearby clinic. The doctor that I met looks old or nearing retiring. Anyway, I find that he is a good story teller. Here's the story;

Me:I'm having running nose and headache.
Doc: How long ago since you have headache?
Me: Since last Sunday.
Doc: U see, it's actually started with throat.
Me : Huh, I don't feel anything with my throat.
Doc:Ya, most ppl won't realised it. Ok,it's started with throat, then it affects your nose. That's where you get running nose. When you sneezes, it create pressure in your head. That's why you have headache. Some ppl have headache at forehead or the side of the head or behind of the forehead.
While he's taking my blood pressure, he said, " No fried food, no spicy food like tom yum, curries, fried noodle and blah blah (I have shut my ears already). You can have soup noodle, kweu tiau soup, mihun soup and others. Once you drink hot soup, the vapor that enters your nose, it will clear off your stuff nose. It's good to take warm water bath, but after taking bath, do not switch on fan or air cond room. Or else, your headache will get worse. Drink lots of water.
I have been listening to his advice as if I'm listening to my mother's nagging. All senior citizen tend to nag but they don't realised that.

This blog shall be continued tomorrow...I got to run back home now..

Jaina on Monday, June 19, 2006

Meeting with client in Midvalley
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I just came back from meeting with a client in midvalley. Since I reached there earlier than client, I just walk around at the shops. The 1st outlet that I visited is the MPH. Ok, I'm no longer a bookworm but I still like reading novels during my free time. It's just that I have either I dun have time to read or I'm busy with something at home or outside. There are many bestsellers novel&motivation books lying in front of the cashier."Memoirs of Geisha","Are U Afraid Of the Dark?","Angels & Demons","The Alchemist" and many others. Those books are on 30% discount for MPH cardmembers and 25% for non-MPH cardmembers. Well, I was attracted few books that I wished to buy and those books got discounts as well. Hmm, I think I will buy 2 books after the meeting. I can't buy at that moment because I don't want to give impression to my client that I came here for shopping..hehe..

The meeting with my client went smoothly and there are some work that I need to do later to meet his requirement. Anyway, he's quite a nice person. However, I was quite unsatisfied because my boss didn't come along with me because he has to meet another client and I'm not a sales person.My job is to prepare proposals to client and suppport the sales team. I was just being ,"pai seung toi" in cantonese. In other words, "I was placed on a top of table".Nevermind, on the positive side, it has just widen my circle of network.

After the meeting, I feel like going for shopping in Carrefour. My breakfast cereals has depleted. I was thinking, hey, I came here for meeting, not to shop...ok, I shall go back to office.I will shop in this coming weekend.

I have terrible headache now. I have been having headache since last Saturday. In fact, I need to rest more and get more sleep...and I need a long break from my work...

Jaina on Thursday, June 15, 2006

My First Blog on Blogspot
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I used to blog in Friendster website occasionally. Somehow, I find that it's unconvenient to write my thoughts as everyone in Friendster list would be able to read my blog. Hence, I seldom update the blog there or sometimes i'm too lazy to write.

Well, after being introduced by Kelly abt the blogspot thingy, I found a better place to blog and able to read my old school mates blog. I havent met many of them for many years. I missed them alot. It's my fault too, whenever I went back Ipoh, I always hide at home and spend time with my family.

I got to meet a client later in Midvalley so I got read up tender documents first. After that, maybe I have somthing to share and jot down here.

Jaina on Thursday, June 15, 2006