I Made A...
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A cookie cake.

I bought this DIY cake from Living Cabin. It was fun sewing. Though I find it hard to get the right stitch initially, but after that I get the hang of it.. Yippie!!!

Jaina on Sunday, February 22, 2009

Japan Trip 2
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I'm back.....to this hot and humid country two days ago. It is extremely hot here after I landed in KLIA. Anyway, this trip was fun, relaxing and better than previous trip.

Tadaa...Here are the photos.

Garlic Jo's Restaurant where I had dinner on Tuesday night. I just had garlic spaghetti with creamy cheese gravy. Yummy.

Japanese in thick clothing at shopping mall. It was very cold..

Orchid plant in the hotel lobby. Seems that the hotel workers change flower plant every week.

At hotel lobby.

Dense buildings in Yokohama. Reminds me of Shanghai's dense population. Can you see Mount Fuji covered with snow at the top? Alright, let's zoom into the Mount Fuji.

Spectacular view of Mount Fuji.

Oops, zoomed too much until got ahead into digital zoom..haha... Btw, I'm just using a compact digital camera, hence I can't get the best photos out of it.

On Wednesday, I have completed my task in the morning. After lunch, I decided to visit Kamakura to see the Daibutsu Den (The Great Buddha). As I looked into the train map, I need to take 3 trains to reach there..hmm, I comtemplated at first, on getting into the right train at each changeover. Come on, it was just once in a lifetime, getting lost shouldn't be a big deal in a safe country. Hence, I braved myself, packed with maps and catalogues, and more maps, went down to the train station.

While sitting in the train, I took these photos.

These houses are located just beside the train station. Will the residents being disturbed by noise made by train?

At Kamakura, while walking on the way to Daibutsu Den, I saw this small shrine.

No idea what it was written

A tiny shrine just beside the stone.

A shop. Looks like selling some cute items..Anyway, I just moved on, because Daibutsu Den is closing at 5.30pm and I was there at 4.30pm. I better walk faster although it was very cold.

The Great Buddha

Let's read about the Great Buddha.

End of visit The Great Buddha. Since there is some time left before sun sets, I decided to visit another temple.

The Hasadera Temple.

To my dismay, it was closed when I reached there. Cheh.

I just took photos of the garden from outside the gate.

The end of adventure in Kamakura.

On the plane.

Beautiful sky view of cumulus clouds.

Another spectacular view

On the way back to home in taxi.

Sunset view.

The end of Japan trip..huhu.. Back to reality life. :(

Jaina on Sunday, February 22, 2009

Banner for JainaBee
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Seems that I have more time to blog when I'm in another country. :)

Allright, I have made a banner for my shop...

1. Golden Lucky Stars in Star Bottle, 2. Funky Red to Pink Lucky Stars, 3. Cute Hello Kitty Postcard From Japan, 4. Shimmery Heart Origami Box, 5. Valentine's Pink Stars, 6. Golden Lucky Stars

Created with fd's Flickr Toys. Recommended by Kelly .

The banner is not yet completed. I need to add the name of my shop and short slogan on it. I will do it on a later time. :)

Jaina on Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards
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The temperature at night is about 3 deg C. Due to this terible cold, I sprinted back to hotel right after work, though I'm wearing jacket and long john. Since I have been staying in hot and humid country for my lifetime, I have never experienced such low temperature in my life. I imagined that I will be frozen if I stayed outside longer than 5 minutes.

Alright, I'm in the hotel surfing net after having dinner. I wondered why almost all shops in the hotel closed today and tomorrow.

Anyway, I would like to do a book review on Memory Keeper's Daughter written by an American author Kim Edwards. I just finished reading this mesmerizing book last weekend.

Well, this book tells about a happy lovely couple of David and Norah whom just gave birth to a pair of twins (Paul and Phoebe) in 1965. The baby boy was healthy but the baby girl has Down Syndrome. To protect the complications of taking care of Down Syndrome baby from Norah and knowingly how it destroyed his mother life when his sister (June) died, David gave his baby girl to his nurse, Caroline to send her to an institution. However, seeing the wretched condition of the institution, Caroline decided to raise Phoebe by herself. Hence, David kept this secret of his baby girl by telling Norah that Phoebe died right after she born.

Wonder how was the life of two families of David and Caroline goes on as the both Paul and Phoebe grew up? Will they meet with each other later on? Are their characters similar with each other? I'm not revealing the story here, as it wouldn't be a suspense for other readers.

As I read the book towards the end, I realised that David's prediction was wrong that Down Syndrome baby could not live until 10 years old and public should accept Down Syndrome people. Down Syndrome people are just difficult to raise but they are humans and have feelings too.

Because of this devastating secret that kept by David for his lifetime, he broke his own family apart where Norah had an affair on their holiday and Paul ran away to pursue his dream as a musician which is against David's will.

I'm deeply moved by this book plot with family dramas of regrets, love, decisions, and the consequence of choices that made which could affect a lifetime. I have learnt that one shouldn't keep any secrets or lies from your loved ones as you won't know what will happen in future due to a secret that you have kept.

In conclusion, I will recommend this book for those who like dramas, suspense and love. It's a gripping novel and beautifully written. :)

Jaina on Monday, February 16, 2009

Fatty Hamsters and Yokohama
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Here I am again..Yokohama, Japan. Weather is colder than my previous trip here. It is about 3-12 degree Celcius outside.

Anyway, I have grabbed washii from the nearest stationery shop under my hotel. Yippie!!!

Here are the latest photos of my hamsters.

That's Wall-E. He is the smarter and more curious than Kiwi. Kiwi is having sand bath in a bathroom. :)

Kiwi is bathing. :)

Wall-E is curious what's happening outside his temporary box.

I usually put them in a large box and they go for bath in their bathroom while I wash their cage and change their wood bedding.

Both of them are fat and cute in their shape now. They have fluffy fur too. :)

Back to Japan.

I'm trying to minimise expenses here. I will not buy unneccessary things due to high currency rate of Yen and RM. The previous rate was 1000yen to RM36. Now, the rate is 1000 yen toRM42. Huge difference of RM6!!! Though Japan economy has been badly affected, why their currency value is much higher now? Has our M'sian currency value drop?

The current economy state experienced in M'sia may worsen towards year end. I must save money for the impending economy recession. Hence, I'm not spending it in other country than mine. :)

Superbly pretty orchids in lobby area.

Gotta get ready for dinner. :) I'm still tired and lack of sleep due to night flight. I hate night flight because I can't sleep in the plane.

Jaina on Sunday, February 15, 2009

My crafts on Etsy shop and Swap-Bot
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Hooray, this coming Monday (9th Feb) is Thaipusam replacement holiday in KL. Glad that I have 3 days holiday in a row.

For the past 2 weeks, I have been painstakingly searching for papers and colourful wrapping papers to fold lucky stars. I like high quality (thicker) papers because it's easier to puff the sides of the star. I love metallic colours, hence I bought gold embossed paper and pink embossed paper. Here are the 2 colours of lucky stars.

Golden lucky stars!!! Do they look like shooting stars in the sky? :)

Pinky lucky stars, but they don't look attractive in camera. :( Had been trying hard to get the best photos from it, but fail.

Anyway, here is the latest lucky stars that I have folded

Funky red and pink lucky stars...hehe..

Next is origami box. I learnt folding origami box from my ex-colleague.

This box contains a heart sticker as embellishment. It looks stunning.

Another item on Etsy is Star Jar comes with Golden Lucky Star

This jar shape is unique because I have never found star shaped jar before in shops. Hence, it's a very special gift for anyone.

Besides that, I'm very glad that I have made first sale in Etsy. I have sold Hello Kitty Lucky Star Strips. YAY!!! I'm very excited and I can't wait to send out first package to my customer.

Seems that this item is the most viewed item in my shop. I guess there are many Hello Kitty fans around the world. I'm gonna stock up this item and relist this item again..yippie, hope that I can get more sales from it.

Anyway, I actually hoped that more people will buy folded stars from me because I have put alot of effort and time into it such as paper searching, cutting and folding. Hence, I would feel more excited because there are people appreciated my work.

In Swap-bot, I made an ATC for a swap partner. It's a free themed ATC. And this is my first time of making ATC.

I chosen "fook" in conjuction of Chinese New Year celebration. "Fook" means happiness and joy to all Chinese during CNY. I hope that I defined it correctly because I'm not Chinese educated girl.

I'm gonna list new items soon on my Etsy shop soon. I'm pushing myself to complete the item as soon as possible. Ahh, talking about time, I can't focus on craft during working days. I would be very tired after coming home and just wanna read newspaper before call it a night. Nevermind, I will work on crafts during weekends. :)

Jaina on Friday, February 06, 2009

Setting up Etsy Shop
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Yippie, finally I have setup a shop in Etsy after a long week during CNY... View my shop at JainaBee.Etsy. Kelly has been giving me advices on setting up a shop in Etsy. hehe, thanks for her advices or else I wouldn't be motivated to fold more stars and thinking more ideas to sell more items.

I have been searching materials eg. wrapping papers, cardstocks and folding origamis for the last whole week... Finally I'm glad to gather all the items that I have made and listed in Etsy shop. I think it's been a fruitful week to fold stars, making origami box, making bookmarks, tried to make a note card but failed, and searching for a bottles, thinking how to ship to overseas and its postage fee, and also billing system in Etsy. Wow, I have never done that for the past holidays. I usually spent my holidays unproductively like watching tv and sleeping.

Besides that, I have been busy making gifts and sending items for Swap-Bot last week as well.

Valentine's Day Swap for my partner from USA. The package consists of a Valentine's Day Card, Cute teddy Bear, and Shinyo Ningro as extra for heart. I have included a swap card to show I sent the package to her.

Another swap package for my partners from USA as well. The swap consists of a postcard, 3 unused postage stamps and post it note. I have included my swap card.

It is fun swapping with others. I'm wondering what am I going to receive soon.. However, the disadvantage of swapping is that the postage fee is quite expensive if sending it to overseas. I feel like stopping for a while from swapping due to high postage fee and most of participants are from USA.

Anyway, I'm glad that setting up my online shop on Etsy. Please remember to view my shop from time to time as I will add more items soon.

Jaina on Sunday, February 01, 2009