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Finally I own an Ipod Nano... Gonna listen to music anywhere and anytime...

Jaina on Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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AHH!!! I'm so confused these few days...Feel like screaming out of my head...Weather was too hot and I have bouts of headache for few days.. On some days few drops of rain doesn't cool down the hot temperature here...

I sound like that i'm off track from my own temperament nowadays. I'm getting lazier and couldn't care less what other ppl think...For the record, I played Restaurant City in the office..Ahh, this isn't me..I wouldn't play games in the office, I would be reading some informative stuff on O&G when I have nothing much to do..What am I doing?????

Besides that, my bad temper is back after being buried for a long time. My jimui commented this to me..Oh no, it was so obvious...I need to control my anger. Luckily she noticed me and frankly told me or else I would be continuing feeling so angry for petty things...
Hence, I usually listen to my favourite music on my laptop to calm down my nerve..I need an Ipod!!!

Ahh, I feel so confused nowadays..What am I doing? To be or not to be? Feeling so sucky nowadays..I don't know what was I doing.. I was lazy, rude, bad temper, showy, laugh for no reason..Ahh, that person wasn't me..Anyway, chatting with my close uni fren yesterday on her past relationship was truly an eye opener for me. I never expected her bad encounter happened on her.

I have been assigned with a long and tedious project starting tomorrow. I need to set my messed up mind to focus on this project. I must FOCUS and DETERMINED!!! No more fooling around on the Internet.. This is a chance for me to learn and to perform well in this project.

Anyway, I should be grateful for what I have now and happy with the way I'm living now. yes, I can do it, FOCUS...and I need to be less serious too leading to a better life...

Jaina on Sunday, April 26, 2009

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It's been a while since I blog my last post in March. Well, up to this date, there has been lots of activities happened during last 2 weeks. Finally I have freedom to do whatever I want. Never have I thought of climbing Bukit Gasing ever since I started working for the past 4 years. Nevertheless, I am able to complete the whole 2 hours journey as I worried that I might be dizzy or pass out due to fatigue. Yay!!! Most probably I made it because I usually walk and climb stairs at LRT station everyday.

Had few gathering dinners with my jimuis as well as with my ex-colleagues. It was enjoyable and fun evening with them. As usual, we were chatting crappy just for laughter. :)

Besides that, my jimuis had commented that I have become prettier. hahaha, when I 'm free at work, I don't feel any stress, hence my face glows and radiant. It was totally different face, when I worked in a highly stressful job last year. :) yea, when I think of it, how did I survived it talking on the phone explaining to a confused woman, reading and replying endless emails, endless meeting, travelling 100km everyday. Anyway, finally I am having the job that I wished for right now. I better be grateful for ending up at this current job :)

My etsy sales is picking up though it is still less than 10 sales after opening my shop since Feb. However, I'm still glad that I made some sales. I'm currently hooked at making origami jewelry and sewing felt food. It takes me few days to complete each items and upload them up during weekends. Anyway, the beautiful end product makes me feel satisfied and happy though it takes some time to make.

Nowadays, I love to sleep. Seems that I can't sleep well during week days. Hence, I make up my sleep in the weekend. I tend to sleep better in the afternoon.

Hmm, I have stopped reading novel after reading Memory Keeper's Daughter Diary. I overheard from nainai that Angels and Demons is better than DaVinci COde. I better get the book out from my bed from collecting dust. It's time to continue reading.
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Jaina on Monday, April 13, 2009